"Pokémon Go" has taken the world away in less than a month. So many people are using it that I am getting early 2000s flashbacks. When I was growing up, I would make a bowl of cereal after tirelessly looking for my school jumper and sit in front on the tv and watch as my three favorite heroes, who would always be on their journey to ‘catch ‘em all.’ Ash, Brock, and Misty, along with Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu made my mornings easy, but those cartoons, my picture book filled with playing cards and those beautiful mornings soon faded into the 21st-century buzz, becoming movies and then a distant memory, until now. "Pokémon Go" has filled my last few weeks with a little break here and there, competitiveness has set in and now I search for gyms to own and train at as I walk my dog, ride my bike as slow as possible, or get a ride to somewhere (I do not promote driving, even bike riding, and "Pokemon Go"-ing"). While I don’t always take my phone for runs, when I do, it makes me go a bit farther to catch that elusive Pokémon or hatch that egg incubating. I flash my collection to those wishing to see my best, my strongest and my rarest catch or hatch. I take my dog on so many walks that she is even getting tired of hearing the buzz telling me one is nearby (Spoiler alert, usually a rattata or weedle), but "Pokémon Go" is changing me and my summer.

I have been working for a rough 90 percent of the summer thus far, between coaching, interning and working at a day camp, my gas mileage on the car and my legs was wearing thin. Besides all that, being a college athlete I have a packet that I push myself to do, even when tired, exhausted, hungry or mad. I have to run a certain distance, lift a certain way for a certain amount of time, and then I have to walk my dog and find some me time. This app has not only killed my battery numerous time when I have been miles away from home with my dog but made me run faster, push harder, go farther and be outside more. I want to go to the water, to go on hikes, to explore new places which I haven’t seen, just to do what my buddies tirelessly did for years on the OG "Pokémon" series. I have met people in my neighborhood addicted to the game, helped those who are new to the game in learning the tips and tricks, defeated gyms and heard stories of those who have lost weight from this app. This app is the only thing this year, and for the next several years that can truly ‘make America great again’ once and for all, in fact, it could make the world great. I started two and a half weeks ago and have registered 75 miles in my Pokémon journal. That is not including the times my phone died, the app was closed without me knowing or my longer runs which I choose to go phone free or my lacrosse mileage. That’s 30 miles a week, and to someone who hates to run, who hated going on long walks with her dog because it was too much, it’s a big turnaround. My dog, legs, and my mind are thanking me. I am happier, busier, and in need of a new pair of workout shoes, along with a healthier dog and me. "Pokémon Go" is bringing back the glory days, the simpler 2000s, while bringing people out of their houses, away from their tv sets and twitter, and making them walk, making them travel, get some sun and attempt to ‘catch ‘em all." More pokémon trainers in the U.S. are registering Pokémon in their Pokedex than will actually will vote this year, but who is worried? I’m just bringing my phone to the voting booth, catching that Pikachu and walking out, knowing that the world is turning and obesity is being fought through this wonderful new app with a 2000s feel. Let’s just hope the bugs are fixed by September.