The Lost Kids

Poetry On Odyssey: Here's To The Kids

They were just looking through the wrong lens; you were there.


Here's to the kids that nobody noticed.

You are valid, and you are loved.

Here's to the kids nobody would play with at recess, the ones who were told they had "cooties" nobody wanted to catch.

Here's to the kids who sat on the wall at recess and read their book in silence.

Here's to the kids who didn't look forward to lunchtime like everyone else because they knew they would have nobody to sit with.

Here's to the kids who were excluded from the coloring table because no one would share crayons with them.

You are valid, and you are loved.

Here's to the kids who either got picked last for soccer or didn't get picked at all.

Here's to the kids who got kicked out of the group gossip session by their "friends."

Here's to the kids who were always there but were treated as if they were never there.

You are valid, and you are loved.

Here's to the kids who never received candygrams on Valentine's Day in middle school while the popular kids bragged about not being able to carry all of theirs.

Here's to the kids who had to pretend they didn't care when they would give anything for a simple lollipop and a card from a friend.

Here's to the kids who didn't go to the first school dance because they had no one to go with.

Here's to the kids who no one asked why they weren't at the school dance.

You are valid, and you are loved.

Here's to the kids whose name was nothing more than a caption under a yearbook photo.

Here's to the kids who never got asked to Homecoming or Prom.

Here's to the kids who never went to prom.

You are valid, and you are loved.

Here's to the adults who have never been in a relationship.

Here's to the adults who got their degree before their first kiss.

Here's to the adults who believe that love doesn't exist for them.

You are valid, and you are loved.

I know it's hard to believe, but it does get better.

One day, they will appreciate the parts of you that others wished would disappear.

The right people are out there waiting for you, ready to embrace you for all that you are.

I see you. I'm rooting for you. I love you.

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12 Items To Buy From Five Below That Will Inexpensively Modernize Your Dorm Room

You would be amazed at what you can get at this store!


When you're redecorating your bedroom, you might not think to stop by Five Below, considering everything is $5 and under. But you would be amazed at what you can find in that store.

I went not to long ago to get those cube storage boxes, that go into the shelf, and I left with almost $200 worth of stuff. Now mind you, I've been to this store a million and one times and never have spent this much, but while I was there I figured I would get Easter basket things for my niece and then the idea to redecorate dorm rooms popped into my head as I was looking around. Because let’s be real we all could use a more modern dorm....even if you school just bought new furniture. So here’s 12 things you need to buy from Five Below to modernize your dorm.

1. Wall shelves

Personal Photo

Use command strips to hang these up because you can’t drill into the walls at school!!

2. 3 clip photo frame

Personal Photo

Okay so one isn't out of its package yet, but this is what Five Below's website showed for it.

3. A white fuzzy rug

Personal Photo

4. Cordless hexagon cage lamp

Personal Photo

5. Cute storage basket

Personal Photo

6. Light up sign box

Personal Photo

7. Letter board

Personal Photo

8. An initial light

Personal Photo

So this I've had for years but I'm 100% positive it came from Five Below.

9. 3 piece frame set

Personal Photo

10. Salt rock lamp

Personal Photo

Mines pretty big, but they have smaller ones.

11. An ottoman

12. A mini cactus

Personal Photo

Or any plant really. They have basil, roses, daisy, strawberries, etc.

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An Imperfect Relationship: A Poem

Opposites attract.


It's not complicated; our heads are one.

Your hand is a snake.

My hand is a flower.

I embrace your hand in mine.

Wanting to accept, you push them away; hesitant.

Some say we're not perfect.

But I think we are.

We're free of conformity,

We think differently

From those whose souls

Are fixed on this idea

Of a perfect relationship:

That two partners must share similarities

But we are the opposite

And I love that.

My body is ecstatic with you.

Your name is forgotten,

But that doesn't matter.

Morning thoughts like these

As I roll over

And see your angelic face; dreaming.

In the life before this one, I dreamt, too.

Some days I was falling.

Falling out of the sky after a heartbreak,

Falling out of love, never in it,

Until I met you.

Some days I kept focus

On the dim light at the end of the tunnel,

On time before it runs out.

Now I focus on you, of course.

On what could be our life together.

Because in the past, I was not happier.

Surrounded by betrayals and lies,

I had to leave; fly away.

So I grew wings.

I soared until I found you

And I never came back.

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