Overcoming Procrastination And Anxiety

This time of the year is considered crunch time for college students. Final exams, final projects, and final assignments. For those who naturally struggle with anxiety, this time of the year is a time full of tension and a constantly worried mind. The key to reducing this anxiety is getting assignments done early and planning ahead so you don't feel like you're falling behind. But what happens when your anxiety is so distracting, it causes you to procrastinate and delay your homework until you can fully focus on it, and then because of your anxiety, you struggle to get the work done due to an assignment overload?

Well, the answer isn't simple, but the problem is common. So as someone who personally has this struggle, I must say the best thing one can do is eliminate the timeline. Throw out the due dates, and just start. No, this does not mean that I condone turning in assignments late, do not do that. But I find that the reason I procrastinate is that I feel like I have so much to do by a specific date. I have to have four essays done by next week on Tuesday at 4 p.m., and a project due at 5. It's so much at one time.

However, if one takes a step back and just writes essay number one until it's done, then moves on to essay number two, and attempts to complete them all as soon as possible, a little bit of pressure is taken off your shoulders. The work doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to get done, and then once it's done, take your time to go back in and relook it over. This allows you less stress and less anxiety moving forward with the assignments and will allow you to finish up the year with a clear and focused mind.

If you notice that this is something you struggle with, take a step back and ask yourself why? It is because you are overwhelmed, you can't focus, or you're distracted? Identify what's causing your issue and address it. For me, I tend to procrastinate when I feel like whatever I am doing will take a certain amount of time, or I know I will struggle to focus on it and complete it. If you notice yourself doing the same, just take a step back, and breathe, and realize that although you do have a due date, the assignment shouldn't dictate your life. Start now, and don't stop until it's finished. You can't finish something you never began! It will help both your grades and your mental health in the end.

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