New One Direction TV Show?
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New One Direction TV Show?

It's true -- prepare to die, directioners.

New One Direction TV Show?

This is it. The moment other One Direction fans and I have been waiting for: a 1D TV show. “Wait, so now they’re acting?” Well, no, not exactly. Save that for the “iCarly” episode they were in. (Also for Harry Styles who just finished filming for Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk.”) It’s clear that 2012 One Direction couldn’t act and it’s for the better if they don’t try again anytime soon. So what is this TV show and what can we expect?

Well, according to multiple entertainment sites confirming the sources, Zayn Malik, former member gone solo, is working with Dick Wolf (creator of “Law & Order”) to create a show based around the idea and story of One Direction’s rise to fame. “Boys”, as the show will be called, focuses not just on the fame and fortune, but the negatives to joining Hollywood’s stars as adolescents. NBC has picked up the show and although it won’t have the OG One Direction, it will mostly likely cast young men who look just as cute and can sing just as well (yeah, there’s original music, too!)

Now while this all sounds great and directioners everywhere are going crazy, there are a few issues… Firstly, this is only Zayn’s project; none of the other boys have jumped on board, nor have they commented on the idea as a whole. So this means it’s most likely there won’t be any appearances by the boys, besides a glimmer of hope for Zayn, since he will be an executive producer.

Secondly, there’s already been a stir, according to, about Simon Cowell’s opinion on the show. Cowell, who was the mastermind behind the boy band, would have preferred that Zayn’s idea was run by him before creating the show. With the man who started it all already seeming to shut it down, who knows what could happen to the show?

And of course, there’s the content. No one knows exactly what the plot will be yet, nor actors or premiere dates. But with that being said, the show is bound to have immediate success. I, myself, having followed this band for so long, am so excited to see how this turns out. The verified crew (producers, Nick and Noelle Wolf; writers, Sherri Cooper Landsman and Jennifer Levin, who were co-creators of the CW’s “Beauty and the Beast) are all top-notch, meaning the quality and uniqueness will definitely meet expectations. The music is the most interesting aspect. Hopefully the quality will be both fitting in the pop genre now and a nod to One Direction’s contributions to the history of music itself.

How do you feel about the show? Are you excited or worried the show will tank? Leave comments below! I am definitely going to be preparing for the show and once I hear the premiere date, the countdown will be on.

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