25 Signs You're Obsessed With Theme Parties
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25 Signs You're Obsessed With Theme Parties

Please just give me a reason to wear a flower crown.

25 Signs You're Obsessed With Theme Parties

If you're anything like me, you never grew out of playing dress-up. Luckily, in college, you don't have to. Parties and mixers usually have themes, which gives you an excuse to dress up as a Barbie or a zombie or in a bikini mid-November (because frat boys love beach themes). Costumes give you a chance to show your imaginative side and try on another persona. Here are 25 signs you're obsessed:

1. Your anything-but-clothes costume is a masterpiece.

2. The main reason you have Amazon Prime is in case you need emergency bunny ears.

3. Everyone always asks if they can borrow your clothes.

4. Which is fine, because you have enough Ugly Christmas Sweaters to last year-round.

5. Every time you walk into a Forever 21, you see potential mixer themes.

6. Like this. This could definitely be worn for a Soldiers and Sailors party.

7. You should buy these. They will come in handy for something.

8. When you go home, you steal your parents’ clothes to use for the next party.

9. Sorry, Dad, you’re not getting your shirt back. I need it for the "Risky Business" party.

10. You learn about history through picking your outfit for a decade's party.

11. You have a collection of neon workout clothes, but you don’t work out.

12. You don’t play tennis either, but you definitely have a tennis skirt for that country club mixer.

13. You believe you can do anything with a few rolls of duct tape.

14. You’re wearing a costume in all of your Facebook photos, and your aunt comments on all the pictures because she’s confused why you're dressed as a lollypop.

15. You have a drawer dedicated to costume pieces.

16. Tutus are a wardrobe staple.

17. You probably did theater in high school so you could dress like Belle from "Beauty and the Beast."

18. But you got cast as the teapot instead, and you're pretty bitter about it. Thank god there's a Disney-themed party coming up so you can fulfill your life-long dream.

19. You brought your middle school uniform with you to college because schoolgirl themes make you feel like Britney Spears at her prime.

20. Post-Halloween costume sales are your Christmas.

21. You’re really excited for the Pajama Party. But also slightly disappointed that your outfit doesn't require any creativity.

22. You bookmarked a YouTube video for “How To Make a Toga.”

23. You’re desperate for an occasion to wear your flower crown.

24. You became social chair for your sorority just so you could decide the themes for mixers.

25. And everyone knows you'll do a great job, because you'd never miss a theme party.

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