It's Not OK To Order Delivery Food In A Snow Storm

To The Jerks Who Order Delivery In A Snow Storm, I'm Calling You Out

If you wouldn't drive in it, you shouldn't make a teenager with a 1996 Honda Accord do it instead.


We live in an amazing world where if we want delivery at 2 a.m., we can get it. That being said, if there's a pretty terrible snowstorm out you can probably bet that your local Domino's is open and delivering. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I work in a franchise pizza place and often when there's snow on the road, our orders come in, and a majority of them are deliveries. And just as often, people often ask if ordering when there are inches of snow outside makes them a jerk. Quite frankly, yes, it does. If you're sitting in your home looking outside thinking it's too dangerous for you to drive, then order delivery because you can't just cook for yourself for one day, yes, you are kind of a jerk.

Let me explain why. As we get piled up with orders, most of the time the roads aren't cleared and customers don't even do the slight courtesy of shoveling a quick walkway to their door. So not only are drivers risking their lives with the elements and other drivers, but they're also slipping on their way up to your door. And of course, because of careful driving, the delivery time may take longer than usual and that often leaves to little tips.

So 20-year-old Johnny in his 1996 Honda Accord pushes against horrible weather and risks his life so you can get your food, and receive barely a tip? This is what you don't do!

However, people will always order delivery when there's terrible weather, and you should be more grateful that drivers make it to your door instead of the company's ability to deliver to you at this moment. Because companies will always be there to deliver in your time of need, the least you can do is be a little less of a jerk by doing these simple things:

Tip well. Like, really well. Delivery fees often don't go to the drivers and they're making anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars while driving. Your delivery person will greatly appreciate it after they just risked their lives!

Allow extra time. When there's snow, there are orders. Chances are you aren't the only delivery at this time and the drivers are doing their best to get your food to you in a timely manner while still staying safe. Don't call after 20 minutes complaining about where the food is. Everyone is just trying their best!

Don't leave negative reviews. Seriously, if there's an actual problem call your restaurant and explain so they can at least resolve it with a credit for the next time you order. Give them some slack, don't make them suffer because the wait was too long in terrible weather or they forgot your ketchup packages.

Or maybe just reconsider ordering delivery? Working in the service industry is hard, snow days make it so much harder and really push employees to their limit. People show up to work because they need the money so someone will always be there to deliver for you, but consider making their day slightly easier by cooking your dinner at home instead.

Just because a delivery driver can make it, doesn't mean he/she should even go for it. Consider skipping the delivery during a terrible storm, or at least, don't be a total jerk about it because we truly do appreciate it when we at least get proper gratitude during this hard time.

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The Best Dairy-Free Alternatives For Foods You Just Can't Give Up

You don't have to suffer the pain of saying "no" to movie and ice cream night!


Anyone that's dairy-free knows that it can often be a real struggle— whether it's eating out, someone else cooking a meal for you, or finding an alternative to a classic dairy product that actually tastes good. Here are some of the best alternatives, tried and recommended by me, so that you don't have to miss out any longer:

1. Ice Cream

It feels as if almost every ice cream brand is trying to master the dairy-free flavor and texture to reach more consumers with dietary restrictions. Some, in fact, have mastered this recipe, while others have most certainly not. From a girl who feels like she's literally tried it all, here are my favs:

-Dairy free Halo Top (my fav is Candy Bar)

-Dairy free Ben and Jerry's (haven't had all the flavors but I've heard they're all good—literally can't go wrong with these guys)

-Dairy free So Delicious (Peanut Butter Zig Zag flavor is AMAZING)

Pro tip: there are SO many different dairy-free ice cream brands and a lot of them are made with different nut milks-- check the nutrition facts if you're concerned about fat! For example, coconut milk is higher in fat than almond milk.

2. Yogurt

Any type of nut-based yogurt will be dairy free! Here are some of my favorite options:

-Good Plants almond milk yogurt (the Lemon Meringue flavor is bomb)

-Kite Hill almond milk yogurt

-Good Karma brand dairy free yogurt

-Trader Joe's coconut milk yogurt (higher in fat, so not my thing, but a great alternative to dairy for sure)

Pro tip: add cacao nibs to your yogurt for some crunch!

3. Protein Bars/Powder


-Sun Warrior

-No Cow

-Good! Snacks




-Tone It Up (this is what I use, and I love it- the others are just as popular!)

Pro tip: any vegan proteins will be dairy-free so look for that on the label- it's more common to see.

4. Cheeses

Let me break down the whole non-dairy cheese thing for ya...

-Soft cheese alternatives (plant-based): a lot of people make their own at home by soaking nuts and blending them with milk and some sort of flavor, like lemon juice! This may definitely take getting used to, but I enjoy it.

-Hard cheese: this is where you may run into trouble (in terms of texture replication), but one popular option is the use of tofu with various oils to use as a topping- on pasta, for instance.

5. Milks

-Almond milk (my go-to): I use the unsweetened original or vanilla if I'm feelin' fancy.

-Macadamia milk: fairly new to the milk world but soooo good, even on its own! It has a little sweetness to it if you're into that

-Oat milk: super hard to find sometimes (especially in coffee shops), but super tasty and a great alternative.

-Coconut milk: perfect choice for those in need of a higher fat diet!

6. Butter

- Coconut oil

- Avocado itself (in moderation) or avocado oil

- Olive oil (I always use Trader Joe's fat-free olive oil spray- so easy!)

Pro tip: since using different dairy-free oils to sauté veggies and cook, I've come to like it better because my meals feel lighter and healthier! Regardless of whether or not you're dairy free, I'd ditch the butter use.

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Rainy Days Are Absolutely AWFUL, Don't @ Me

A gloomy day is also a doomed day.


I am going to lose quite a few friendships after this article is published, but this needs to be said: rainy days suck! I'd rather it be snowing than raining any day.

During rainy days, I literally have no motivation to do anything. It's so dark and gloomy out, and everyone just feels — gray. How do you expect me to get work done if the weather is so bad? Getting up for class daily is already hard enough but on rainy days it's especially difficult and nearly impossible. Every rainy day should be dubbed as days that classes are canceled.

Also, can we talk about how it ruins HAIR? Like, I could have my hair straightened and the moment any part of my head comes in contact with a water droplet, it's over. All of the effort and work that I put into my thick hair is gone, all because of the weather. The frizz is real and I look like I got electrocuted by the time I reach my destination. Humidity plays a huge factor too. The rain could pause but if I walk outside all done up, you best believe my hair will poof up due to the humidity lingering in the air.

When I'm wearing my glasses and it starts pouring, it's so uncomfortable. I hate it when raindrops fill up my glasses and then I am in no control of the fact that I can't see for a second. With the drivers on our campus, that's NOT safe. Ugh, I hate it.

Okay, I am a sucker for keeping my shoes clean, I freaking love my sneakers. If there is unexpected rain and I don't have my rain boots on, I literally will refuse to leave the building until the rain stops or I will Uber everywhere. And even when I am wearing rain boots, they are so uncomfy and walking in them around campus sucks. They don't look cute with any outfit either (at least mine don't). Walking in the rain on campus in general sucks, whether you have an umbrella or raincoat. There are too many people and someone's bound to get poked in the eye by an umbrella.

Rainy days take a TOLL on my mood, too.

Like, I feel just as sad as the weather looks for no apparent reason and start having really dark thoughts about life and my future, or I go to sleep and end up sleeping the entire day. I don't even want to leave my bed. I have things to do and places to be every single day and rainy days will ruin my week whenever they come along.

Rainy days are the literal worst and if you agree, please let me know so we can bond over this.

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