My 2021 Goals: No More Hitting Pause On Life
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My 2021 Goals: No More Hitting Pause On Life

Head empty, no thoughts after this spout of consciousness. Just a therapeutic way of me getting some resolutions down and out of my head.

My 2021 Goals: No More Hitting Pause On Life
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This past year, 2020 was one hell of a year and absolutely no one can deny that.

Last year has shaped me in so many different ways. The pandemic obviously required flexibility of the unknown and eminent present and future. Last year required strategic planning and executing of literally everything; school, work, and social lives all from home.

For a large portion of last year, I hit the pause button on my life. I wanted to ride out this wave of unknown and just pick back up on the other side. As everything started to look more and more dire in regard to a normal society, I knew I needed to change my ways.

I pushed myself into situations I normally would duck and cover from. I took advantage of new situations COVID-19 had presented me that would not otherwise have been possible (e.g., a remote internship in a different city than where I was living.) I hit the play button again, but I still lost so much.

This semester and this year, I've overloaded myself with responsibilities and my to-do list are always miles long. I'm making the most of hunkering in place, putting my head down, and getting things done while I have all this time (but simultaneously, also no time at all.)

I've set some goals for myself for this year (yes, it's February already- it's never too late). I want to continue to grow and mature, emerging from this pandemic as a new woman who is fearless and ready to conquer everything that stands in her way.

I want to do more of what makes me afraid.

I want to start ignoring those feelings that creep into my heart and my head when I'm anxious. Say hi to that person that looks like someone I know but may not actually be them. I've tackled being able to ask questions and make phone calls, which was a huge step for me. I want to keep the ball rolling.

I want to be more conscious of how people react to me.

I'm aware that I'm not the most self-aware person in any room. While yes, I know that if someone is so put off by me and doesn't want to be around me for dumb reasons, they weren't worth my attention, but those that do love me, I would like to make things a little easier on them. Realize when people aren't interested in what I say anymore and cut me off. How long does that take. Why is it that that always happens to me?

I want to prioritize self-care.

It's already been extremely difficult finding the time to do the most basic things; grocery shopping, taking out the trash, cleaning my room and common spaces. While yes, endlessly scrolling on Tik Tok instead of confronting my to-do list counts as self-care in my book, I have piles of actual books I'd love to tackle so my stack gets lower and things stop falling off my desk because they stretch the entire length of it. Seeing my poor boyfriend is my self-care now, and I only get to see him late at night after I've done all that I could during the day. Finding the time to take care of myself for myself and everyone around me is something I'd like to do better at this year.

I want to write more.

Writing is literally something I want to do for the rest of my life. To be good at something, I need to practice it every day so I don't get rusty. I'm already quite behind on this one since this is my last super late winter break article with another two article deadline coming up this week. Typing is great and helps with quicker thought flow, but writing on paper just hits different. The gaps between the entries in my journal are just too far between. I've been wanting to find time to write in my journal for weeks now. I've thought about it so often, but just haven't had a spare moment.

Most importantly, I want to accomplish these goals.

Making it a check on my checklist means I have to get all this done, right?

I challenge you to come up with goals like these for this year, for this month, or even for this week and today. It feels so good to cross something off and go to bed each day feeling like you've accomplished something or everything. Think about adding some of these goals to your life if you feel you're lacking in some like I do.

Aim to be your best self each day. There is no pause button on life, and it could change in just one second. Live it your best every single moment.

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