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10 New, Yes I Said New, TV Shows That Look Like Must-Sees Based On Their Zillion Previews

Grab your pumpkin spice lattes, y’all.

10 New, Yes I Said New, TV Shows That Look Like Must-Sees Based On Their Zillion Previews

Ahh, fall. The fuzzy socks and cozy blanket season has officially arrived. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and get comfy while you enjoy some (or all) of these new fall shows for every mood.

1. "American Vandal"

New, but not new. Included in this list, because the second season just came out and basically, this show is to die for.

2. "Maniac"

Meet Annie and Owen in this Netflix Original Series about two strangers that randomly meet during a pharmaceutical trial. Did I mention that Owen is played by Jonah Hill and Annie is played by Emma Stone?

3. "The Rookie"

After his whole life turns upside down, John Nolan still dreams of becoming an officer for the LAPD. If you’re into true crime and police chases, this one is for you.

4. "Manifest"

Imagine getting off your flight and seeing that you’ve missed the past five and a half years. Well that’s exactly what happens in this NBC drama.

5. "Charmed"

In this reboot, a girl gang of three sisters realize that they are well, charmed, after the death of their mother. If you were a fan of the original, you’ll love this.

6. "Elite"

If How To Get Away With Murder and Gossip Girl had a baby, I think that it would look something like this.

7. "The Neighborhood"

Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield star in this comedy about a white family that moves into a predominantly black neighborhood.

8. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

If you like (or love) Riverdale, then you’ll definitely find yourself binge watching this Netflix series about teenager Sabrina, who must choose if she wishes to side with the world of witches or mortals.

9. "Legacies"

Another Vampire Diaries spin-off? Oh, yes, please sign me up.

10. "Kidding"

Jim Carrey returns to the small screen after 25 years in this Showtime Original Series about a children's TV show character who is ~going through it~.

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