Awesome Trailers That Were Unveiled At San Diego Comic Con
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25 Awesome Trailers That Were Unveiled During The San Diego Comic Con

From Marvel to DC to Netflix, we got some sweet trailers from 2018's Comic Con.

25 Awesome Trailers That Were Unveiled During The San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is one time of the year where all the great things happen. We get great news and updates on series, exclusive looks at panels, exciting activities inside the con, and of course, the trailers! From Marvel to DC, Netflix to Godzilla, the trailers and teasers are just what we need to get excited about the series or show coming out. Although not every trailer straight out of Comic Con is on this list, here are 25 trailers that we are super excited for!

1. Voltron Legendary Defender - Season 7

Comic Con revealed the trailer for Netflix's "Voltron." Not only do we see the heroes return home, but it was also revealed at Comic Con that Shiro, the black lion paladin, is gay, which blew up on social media as fans were excited about LGBT representation.

2. Aquaman

We see DC is trying a new kind of movie here (Black Panther much?). Many fans have been looking forward to an Aquaman origin movie. And this certainly looks promising.

3. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The second movie for Fantastic Beasts is truly a way to keep Potterheads around and make sure that if you haven't read Harry Potter yet, you will.

4. Shazam!

Another DC movie that looks pretty good... even with the "flossing" dance.

5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

It returns! After it's cancellation in 2014, fans weren't too thrilled about all the storylines left open. Four years later, this pretty much came out of nowhere and fans are excited!

6. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

It isn't the third season of "Stranger Things," but the monsters look interesting and Millie Bobby Brown looks great.

7. The Walking Dead - Season 9

It was confirmed that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show for good. With the defeat of Negan and mutiny arriving, it's unclear of where this season will lead fans.

8. Nightflyers

Based on the book by George R.R. Martin, the announcement of this Netflix series will be bringing fans in from their love of the novella, the expanded novella, and the movie.

9. Doctor Who - Season 11

The 13th Doctor is in! Jodie Whittaker surprised fans with her appearance at Comic Con, and the trailer revealed a whole new Doctor Who adventure fans haven't seen before.

10. Alita: Battle Angel - Movie

Fans of this manga by Yukito Kishiro are excited for this one. The second trailer revealed more the plot that seems to be based the main plot of the manga, with some focus on the earlier books.

11. Titans - TV

This isn't your cartoon Teen Titans Go! The DC universe takes on the darker side of TV with Titans. And although there has been a debate over the portrayal of Starfire's character, the trailer does look great.

12. Young Justice: Outsiders

The trailer for season three also brought with it DC's revelation of their new streaming service, which really, no one saw coming.

13. The Dragon Prince

From the makers of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," this highly anticipated series finally has a trailer! Fans of "Avatar" are excited about this Netflix series and are greatly looking forward to it, even though the trailer was pretty short.

14. The Purge - TV

What's better than four Purge movies? A Purge TV series! It's interesting to see how this will play out, coming from different views than the classic "I'm screwed during the purge" movie.

15. Star Trek: Discovery

Season two from before the original "Star Trek" returns to explore the franchise's universe like never before.

16. Riverdale - Season 3

After one hell of a season two, "Riverdale" will return with more complicated situations. Will Archie go to jail? What's up with Veronica? Is there some kind of cult? Is Betty OK?

17. Spider-Man Story

A highly anticipated game for PS4, we finally get to see what the story is going to be like. A mixture of villains and the long-awaited Silver Sable!

18. Arrow - Season 7

"Arrow" is back! With Oliver living in a nightmare, the trailer shows it'll be just as action filled as always with some complications.

19. Supergirl - Season 3

Fans have been looking forward to the new season of "Supergirl," but this year's season is making progress. Nicole Maines, has been cast as the first transgender superhero on television as Nia Nal, a young reporter, and a superhero called Dreamer.

20. The Flash - Season 5

Barry Allen is back for season five! Only this time, so is his daughter.

21. Steven Universe - Movie

Not a full trailer but Cartoon Network teased the Steven Universe movie and fans are super excited, gearing up for something they've wanted since the series premiered!

22. DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Season 4

Although fans are complaining about the lack of "new" in the trailer, the amount of new clips is just enough to make fans excited for a DC series that picks up great ratings.

23. Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The exclusive trailer for "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" revealed the English dub of an fan favorite anime.

24. Black Lighting - Season 2

Season two is here for the series we didn't know we needed! Black Lighting has returned to continue to be a fan favorite, along with Arrow and Supergirl.

25. Iron Fist - Season 2

"Iron Fist" is back! Although fans weren't thrilled for season one, Iron Fist in "The Defenders" was fantastic! Fans are hoping the series continues to roll uphill and see Iron Fist excel with the other defenders.

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