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10 Netflix Original Movies You Need To Take The Time To Watch

Netflix has been adding original movies for a while now and they continue to release great original films.

10 Netflix Original Movies You Need To Take The Time To Watch

Netflix has been one of the main-streaming services for a little bit over a decade now, but not until four or five years ago they started to release original movies. Netflix is now dishing out original movies left and right these days. I have watched countless Netflix originals, but these are the ten films that I think are the best and are the most worthy to watch on a rainy day or even trying to watch a movie with the family. These are my top ten Netflix original movies that I recommend you to see.



"Birdbox" was a great movie filled with suspense and thrill throughout the whole movie. The movie was released in late 2018, but at first, I was very iffy about the whole plot of if you take off the blindfold, you die. After sitting down and watching the movie I can see why so many people were talking about it. "Birdbox" kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and can't say enough to go see the movie.



"Paddleton" was a great movie experience for me. The movie, which was released then a week ago. It is a movie that follows to friends living so-so lives, one of them develops incurable cancer and only has months to live. From this, they do everything together and this creates a great and unusual bond. After watching the movie, it made me appreciate Ray Romano as an actor even more. I give this movie two thumbs up and watch it!



This South-Korean based film was released in 2017. I happened to stumble upon the movie while on Netflix and decided to give it a try. I can't tell you enough how much I fell in love with this movie. The movie follows a girl on a journey to get back her super pig, Okja, who was taken away from the government to be studied. She goes on a journey to run away with the Pig. The movie teased with my emotions, and when the movie was over I wanted to watch it again.

"Pee-Wee Big Holiday"

pee-wee's big holiday

This is a silly movie to have on this list, but I couldn't resist leaving this movie. "Pee-Wee Big Holiday" was released in late 2016 just for the holidays. I was familiar with who "Pee-Wee" was and watched his movies and shows growing up and was always intrigued by him. After sitting through and watching this movie during the holidays, I had a great time and a few good laughs throughout. I can't say but to go see it for yourself.

"Outlaw King"

outlaw king

The movie "Outlaw King," starring Chris Pine, was a fun movie to watch. I'm not praising as much as some of the other movies on this list, but this movie was the easiest to watch and sit through I think. The movie is a historical movie which is my favorite type of movies, so I easily got my attention grabbed by this movie. The movie is about a controversial king who is breaking laws while the king. This movie is good and I recommend it!



"Mudbound" is one of the best movies on this list. The movie was released in 2017, but I just recently watched this movie. The movie is based in the 1940s during WWII and taken place in rural southern America. The movie watches many people just trying to make ends meet during a time where America was at war and recovering from the worst financial crisis in American and worlds history. The movie gives a great snap-shot of what life was like during that time and the hardships they faced. This movie is the one I recommend the most!



"13th" is a movie or a documentary filmed discussing the 13th amendment in the constitution. The movie focuses on racial issues African Americans and people of color have faced in time while here in America. This movie is a great adaptation and a great film to watch. The movie made me think about all the hardships and struggles they had to face, but the most is when it came out during a time where America is possibly as divided as ever. Two thumbs up!



"Roma" was a movie I watched towards the end of 2018 but lemme tell you it was one of my favorite films of the year. The movie is about a maid who works for a middle-class family in Mexico City during the 1970s. The movie was touching and very well done. I heard so much buzz and good things about this movie, but not until watching it I can see why so many people fell in love with this movie. This movie was nominated for ten Academy Awards and came home with three, including best foreign film. I'm one of those people and can't stress enough to watch this movie.

"One of Us"

one of us

"One of Us" is a movie that is weird, but at the same time fascinating and interesting to watch. I came into this movie iffy, but at the end of the movie I appreciated and realized how good this movie was. This movie is about characters who live in a very exclusive and private community and it puts people to the limit and dares people to try to defy the limits. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat and eyeballs didn't move one while watching this great film.

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"

the ballad of buster scruggs

My favorite movie on this list and favorite movie of 2018. The movie was directed by the Coen brothers who are known to release great films. The movie follows six people who are trying to settle in the west after the Civil War. The movie was filled with humor, drama, and action. Every ingredient for a great movie, the movie had me glued to the screen the whole time. I didn't have any bad moment with the movie. This movie is such a great movie, I have watched it over a good three more times. If you are looking for any movie to watch on this list, I recommend this movie the most.

These movies are my ten favorite Netflix originals movies. If you are ever stuck on what movie to watch on Netflix, these movies I highly recommend giving a shot to watch. You will not be disappointed or dissatisfied, these movies are a great way to enjoy movies.

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