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5 Best Christmas Shows For All Your Holiday Binging Needs

It's the most wonderful time of the year to lock yourself in a dark room and watch Netflix.


Do you ever want to get into the holiday spirit but also see the same shows you're obsessed with? Well, look no further because I have compiled a list of the 5 best binge-worthy shows for all your Holiday-watching needs.

1. "The Office."

"The Office" is probably one of the best shows of all time (no one @ me on this) and season 2, episode 10 will always have my heart. It's season two so Jim still has a huge crush on Pam and it's adorable. He gets her a present for secret Santa and it gives me all the feels. Michael is, well, Michael and gets Ryan a 400 dollar gift. What more could you ask for? "The Office" has loads of Holiday cheer to choose from:

Season 2, Episode 10; Season 3, Episode 10; Season 5, Episode 11; Season 6, Episode 13; Season 7, Episode 11 & 12; Season 8, Episode 10; and Season 9, Episode 9.

2. "Friends."

Remember the one with the Holiday Armadillo? Yeah, Ross is kinda the worst. But I do love the representation of different religions during the holiday season so it's a pretty solid episode. We all had a scare when "Friends" was almost taken off Netflix. So count your blessings and check out these Holiday shows:

Season 2, Episode 9; Season 3, Episode 10; Season 5, Episode 10; Season 7, Episode 10; Season 8, Episode 11; and Season 9, Episode 10.

3. "That 70s Show."

Laurie getting everyone trashed at the Christmas party is probably one of the best moments on this show. Also, I have noticed that this show isn't as popular as it used to be and it's concerning. This show is so underrated and their Christmas episodes are downright hilarious. In case you forgot how great "That 70s Show" is, check out these episodes:

Season 1, Episode 12; Season 3, Episode 9; Season 4, Episode 12; Season 6, Episode 7; and Season 7, Episode 11.

4. "New Girl."

Season 1, episode 9 is the reason why I am writing this article. Some of my favorite episodes of "New Girl" are their Holiday episodes, to be honest, and that episode, in particular, proves it. Nick puts himself in a VERY awkward but HILARIOUS situation and I laugh each time I watch it. He makes up for it at the end when yells at three in the morning for an entire neighborhood to turn their Christmas lights on for Jess. The lights get you straight into the holiday spirit while cackling like a gremlin—check it out:

Season 1, Episode 9; Season 2, Episode 11; Season 4, Episode 11; and Season 6, Episode 10.

5. "How I Met Your Mother."

Sadly, Netflix dropped the ball and let go of "How I Met Your Mother." If you have Hulu or other means to watch these beautiful Christmas episodes that give you all the feels, watch them. Especially the episode where Ted creates a full-on light show for Robin just because she's sad. Triggered, because I hate how they ended the series, but that's beside the point. Here's the list and maybe even throw in a Slapsgiving episode because why not, ya know?

Season 2, Episode 11; Season 4, Episode 11; Season 6, Episode 12; Season 7, Episode 12; Season 8, Episode 10; Season 8, Episode 11; and Season 8, Episode 12.

You and I both know it's always a vibe rewatching your favorite shows during winter break. So why not get in the holiday spirit and binge watch these classics? Get festive with your laziness.

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