I can only hope you've made it as far as I dreamed. What's it like in the great, big world? Are you still finding everything it is you're looking for? Or perhaps, have you achieved it all, and then some?

My doubts never go away, but neither does my faith. The two clash tremendously at the worst of times, but it seems my trust overrides after all. My biggest gamble in life is on you, but I've never felt more confident.

I wish you could tell me whether or not I'm still moving in the right direction. Give me a sign or two, maybe; am I truly on the road to success?

I wonder how different things are for you. Perhaps you're on a course completely opposite from mine. I'd be lying if I said the thought of that didn't freak me out a bit, but maybe you're doing the right thing. You must be doing the right thing.

Sometimes I worry; I worry that I'll lose the way to you. But deep, deep down, I know I must trust the process and let it guide me to you. The harder I force it, the more lost I think I'll become.

Do you have a family yet? Do you plan on having a family at all? Realistically, it's you vs. world but, it would be nice to settle down with a partner in crime. I hope he's everything you're looking for in a hubby.

I hope you've moved to bigger and better places. Or at least, out of New England. Do you still hate the cold as much as I do? I hope you're somewhere warmer; you always seemed happier in the sunshine.

Please tell me you haven't forgotten about me just yet! Words can't describe how excited I am to finally meet you. I have so many assumptions about you, but

I hope you're doing everything and anything it is you said you'll do. Mom and Dad must be so proud of where you've come. Just know I'm equally as proud too.

Regardless of what it is you are doing, and where it is you are heading, I hope that you are happy. Remember that you are doing this for you, for us, and nobody else.