Just let your mind play.

So here I am sitting by the fire, drinking a nice warm cup of coffee. In the midst of this holiday season, I feel such an intense desire to Love humanity. I find little to be more enticing than a warm conversation: Two people positively discussing their dreams for a brighter future, manifesting inspiration out of thin air.

I want to cut firewood. I long to lace up some boots, squish my head inside a tight winter hat, and take to the woods to provide a fire for the ones I Love. Sure, it may be cold and hard to chop wood, but the opportunity to form a bond between axe chops and loading the wheel barrel provides plenty of warmth for me. Besides, we need the fire to fuel the smiles bouncing up and down in between sipping hot chocolate and singing Christmas tunes. "All I want for Christmas is YOU!"

We needn't any of the day-to-day complaining. Sure, we got to unload about how Aunt Suzy doesn't visit and how the neighborhood just isn't what it used to be. But, on this day, let's imagine what the neighborhood can become. Let's drain our pools of pessimistic insights and our apathy so that we can fill the space with our innovative ideas and creative contributions. Let's come alive again!

Oh, what a dream! Imagine a world where you were always progressing towards the next beautiful stage in your life. A world where you felt empowered to produce creative contributions, to share your voice with the world in a positive and inspiring light. A world where your words came out clearly, and you never had to argue again over miscommunication. Dude. I want that!

Well, maybe we all want that. I personally think that we do. I think that we want to overcome our day to day interactions that yield little happiness and trade them in for a more meaningful existence. I will test it. I will contribute my life to this world in the pursuit of discovering the most meaningful way to live each and every day. I am sure this will be different for all people, but I want to try to discover some common practices that enhance humanity.

All that from a cup of coffee? Was this spiked? Or did this coffee facilitate a moment? A moment that reminded me how unique of an opportunity we have as human beings. Either way: I enjoyed this moment.