MTV VMA's - The Greatest Un-Acknowledged Holiday
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MTV VMA's - The Greatest Un-Acknowledged Holiday

A.K.A. the GREATEST pop culture event of the year.

MTV VMA's - The Greatest Un-Acknowledged Holiday

The end of August marks many things; the end of summer, the beginning of a new school year, but above all else MTV's Video Music Awards AKA the GREATEST pop culture event of the year, every year. Here's a look back on what makes the VMA's so great:

1. Fashion

Back when Britney Spears was slaying the pop charts with now oldies-but-goodies like 'Oops I Did it Again' and 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' and Justin Timberlake was known only of N'Sync fame we were gifted with this iconic piece of fashion history.

A few years later we got Lady Gaga and the Meat Dress which will live on in infamy... as it should.

2. Performance

Madonna performed 'Like a Virgin' at the FIRST EVER VMA's in 1984.

In 2011 Beyoncé performed her hit 'Love on Top' and announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy!

3. Drama

The MTV VMA's are a breeding ground for celebrity drama. A few of my favorites:

Do we even need to describe this photo anymore? I think not.

Then in 2015 this happened, and Miley Cyrus' social media comments were filled only with these three words for days on end.

4. Your Fave Celebs in One Place

Whether it be on stage or in the seats, you are bound to see your favorite celebs bonding with their equally famous and fabulous friends:

5. Couples

Beyonce and JayZ are always coming through to provide us with couple goals.

And who can forget the more peaceful #jelena times

6. More Drama

More Nicki, more Taylor and more Miley. Somethings never change. Miley landed in hot water after twerking on Robin Thicke (who was also already in hot water for the content of his song 'Blurred Lines') and in 2015 (again) Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj battled on Twitter over Minaj's snub in the video of the year category.

7. Rumors

The VMA's serve up the best and the brightest, including some romance, collaboration and feud rumors every single year!

8. Winners

On August 1 of 1981, MTV launched with footage of the Apollo 11 space shuttle firing off the ground, then segued into an astronaut planting a flag emblazoned with the MTV logo on the moon’s surface. A voiceover proclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll.” And thus, MTV was born - as was the Moonman, becoming one of the most coveted awards in hollywood.

9. The Best Collaborations Anywhere

In 2010 we watch Eminem and Rihanna burn the house down with 'Love the Way You Lie' live at the VMAs.

In 2015 Nicki and Taylor peacefully ended their twitter feud with a collaboration on the VMA stage.

But really, who can forget THIS amazing collaboration between Madonna and Britney Spears which brought us potentially the most talked about (to this day) event on the VMA stage ever.

10. Everything In Between

From Kanye announcing his bid for Presidency in 2020 to Britney Spears etching the image of her and Banana the snake into our minds forever. The VMA's promise to give you something to remember.

See what transpired at the 2016 VMA's - check (or any gossip site worth their salt)

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