Moving Back To School Has Me Excited But Stressed
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Moving Back To School Has Me Excited But Stressed

Can you believe summer is almost over?


August is almost over, which means time is withering away before moving back into college.

Now, when I moved home from school at the beginning of the summer, we kind of stuffed all my crap into the back of my basement and just forgot about it. Aside from things like my clothes, cosmetics, and hygienic items, which got unpacked into my room, we have nowhere to put everything else. So, storage containers, dishes, my printer, my rug, and other things that I don't use every day during the summer are kind of just....there.

I would go down occasionally if there was something that I needed still packed away in the corner, but other than that, I went about my summer days and turned a blind eye to the mess.

However, I move back in on the 29th, and now that I leave again soon, I need to go school shopping.

It's not like last year where I was living in a dorm and didn't need a whole hell of a lot of stuff. This year I'm in an apartment, which means I have a kitchen and a private bathroom.

Throughout August, my mom and I have slowly but surely bought what I'm going to need for my apartment and have been cramming it with the rest of my stuff in the basement. There's so much stuff that if I want to get to something, I have to move several other things out of the way first. It's like the corner of my basement is housing a monster made out of cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and bedding.

My mom has just about had it. I think as much as she loves having me home, she really can't wait for me to move back in just so I can take the monster with me.

Even in the midst of buying all of this new stuff, I still feel like there's a lot missing. I still have yet to organize everything down there, so I really don't know what I do and don't have, I just have stuff.

Taking inventory of what I've got is probably top priority next to getting my laundry done, but I just really don't want to do it. The thought of having to tackle the disastrous mountain is just so unappealing, and I have a week left, so I've got time. But I know that crap is going to take a while to really sort through.

Other than buying stuff and organizing stuff, I have to figure out what clothes I'm taking to school. Then I'll have to make sure they're all washed in time to be packed in my suitcases. So, for a couple of days, while I'm home, I'm basically going to have no clothes or the most bizarre outfits of things to wear in anticipation to leave. Because once it's washed and packed, there is no wearing it until I move in.

Probably my least favorite part of this whole ordeal is packing clothes, too. It's mostly because I hate folding clothes. Also, I strongly dislike trying to fit all my crap into my suitcases. I barely have enough closet and drawer space at home, so fitting all that into my suitcases... nahhh. Not happening.

Finally, I'm stressed about the actual move-in day. All my stuff isn't going to fit in just my mom's car; I know it already, so we're going to have to take my car, too. Here's the thing: My dad has work the day I move in, so unless I force my sister to help, it'll be just my mom and I. Funny thing is, I can't keep my car on campus, which means someone has to drive it back home for me.

Now, my sister lives in a house two blocks off-campus at Rowan, so the only way this would work is if the night before I move in, my sister drives home from her place at school in her car, stays the night at home, drives with either me or my mom up to Rowan the next day to help move me in, then drives my car back home, and drives back up to school in her car.

But jeez, what an inconvenient process that is.

Plus, I'm supposed to check in somewhere when I get to campus and activate my key, but I have no clue where that is, and I live on the third floor of my building, so we're going to have to lug all my crap up six flights of stairs. Not really looking forward to that.

On the bright side, I get to see my friends and my sorority sisters, which I'm dying to do, and I get to have some fun before classes start. But I'm actually looking forward to my classes, too. I switched one of my minors, so I get to start the classes for that, and they look quite interesting.

I've never been so excited and eager to go to school. I've never enjoyed learning until I got to college. But all of this excitement and anticipation is well worth this temporary stress given what the payoff will be.

In any way, I only have about six days left of stress. I just hope everything goes smoothly.

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