I Have More Photos Of My Dog On My Phone Than Anyone Else And I Am Perfectly Fine With That

I Have More Photos Of My Dog On My Phone Than People And I Am Perfectly Fine With That

Dogs are better than people.


First things first, my dog is my best friend.

This may seem weird, but fellow dog owners that know the joys of companionship understand this. I have other friends. Human friends. But honestly, I would rather spend time hanging out with my dog. With all our good times together, there is bound to be an abundance of photos.

Rebecca Swyers

Having the 100's of photo's of my dog, Millie, on my phone makes bad days better. Since I am going to college in another state, I do not get the luxury of living with my dog at the moment. Apart from the rare FaceTime calls with her that I painfully put my dad through, these photo's of her are all that I have. That might be a good thing, it might not be the brightest idea for a 20-year-old to be caring for a dog on a budget but that does not mean I do not miss her.

Am I feeling sad? Look at pictures of my pup. Happy? More pictures. Do I miss my dog? Then that is the best way to cope! Looking at pictures of your dog will always make you feel better and ensures happiness all around. All dogs make everyday life special and anyone who has a furry friend of their own understands that!

Yes, I have photos of my friends and the places I travel to. Of course! I want to cherish those memories and I have a lot of photos from them. But I have more pictures of my dogs because who else is going to be that cute? Nobody! Even when I have had a boyfriend in the past, there was still more pictures of my dog. I wish there was even more than there is honestly.

I mean, what do dogs do that is not cute enough for a photoshoot? I have pictures of my dog sleeping, running, walking, eating, playing, cuddling, and the list goes on and on. Some pictures are beautifully posed and others are just derpy.

Rebecca Swyers

Dogs are a gift we do not deserve.

I think everyone should give their pupperoni's an extra hug and kiss today while taking a cute photo of/with them. Having plenty of pictures of them is so important because unlike friends or family, they on this earth for a short amount of time (sad, I know). We have to cherish the 10, give or take, years we get with them on earth. I want my kids to remember their first dog and have pictures with them to cherish for the rest of their life. I want to remember the dog I have now in 30 years when I am in a different season of life, possibly with a new dog.

Having more photos of my dog than anyone else is a blessing, not a curse. When people forsake me, my dog is always there. Having these photo's will be the memories of my baby that I will have forever.

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10 Thoughts You Have If Your Dog ~Lets~ You Sleep In Your Own Bed With Them

You can't sleep with them, but you can't sleep without them either.


I have an 8-year-old miniature pinscher who has slept with me every night since he was a puppy. Sometimes I wish I could just have the bed to myself, but I can't fall asleep without him cuddled up next to me. If your dog sleeps in bed with you, I think you'll relate to these 10 thoughts I have every night.

1. What if I squish the dog in my sleep?

Irina Rusu on Unsplash

It's a legitimate fear.

2. Can dogs breathe under the covers?

Karolina Grabowska on Pixabay

Seriously, how can they breathe in there?

3. I am so uncomfortable right now.


Just...a little...more room...please!

4. Does it make me an awful person if I push this dog out of the bed?

gk0914jp on Pixabay

I just need to sleep without a dog on top of my legs every once in a while.

5. There's definitely not enough room in this bed for my dog.

Woodsie on Pixabay

How does a dog take up more bed-space than a person?

6. Why didn't I train my dog to sleep in a pet bed?

Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Probably because it chewed dog beds up as a puppy.

7. Where is my pet? I can't fall asleep without them.

Viktor Hanacek on Picjumbo

After a while sleeping without them just doesn't feel right.

8. Please stop licking the bed.

agnieszkawanda0 on Pixabay

I mean, it's just gross.

9. Yuck! When did your breath get so stinky?

Free-Photos on Pixabay

No amount of Greenie's can fix this dog breath.

10. This is the bond of a lifetime.


Will I ever love anything as much as I love this co-sleeping dog?

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Losing My Pet Was Like Losing My Best Friend

To the girl who lost her best friend, from somebody in your shoes.


This isn't about your diamonds or your human best friend, this is about your dog.

The one who sat next to you while you were in tears that one night. He or she was the one who cuddled with you when you were alone at night, ate your nasty leftovers, made you feel welcomed in an unwanted home, and gave you all the love in their heart that they possibly could.

From the moment you got them, they gave you nothing but love.

Like Mary J. Blige once said, what you and your dog have is "REAL LOVE."

When you lost them, it felt as if the whole world came to a crumble. It hurts a lot and makes you cry for such a long time. They will bring so much joy while they are here, yet when they're gone it'll bring such pain. They may be gone due to death or even having to give them a better home. We must remember that all dogs go to heaven and we can't always do something to stop it. It's best for us to say our proper goodbye, and move on and wish them well.

We must do our best to move on at least. I am here to say it is okay to talk about it with someone. It may not seem a lot to others but trust there are many people who may understand exactly what you are going through. It is okay to set up a memorial for them. It is okay to be upset for a couple of days. Go out, find a hobby, write about it, draw, or anything that can help you cope properly. What is not okay, is dwelling on what happened, or what you could've possibly done or changed.

This is because everything happens for a reason. There was a good reason why this is happening or has already occurred. No, you do not need to buy another dog or pet or adopt. You need to face what happened and move on properly before you decide you want another pet. I wouldn't want to pass away and someone immediately replace me with someone new.

So, as for your pets, you shouldn't replace them as soon as they're gone.

For those who have never lost a pet, this may seem like a very insignificant, but once you had a pet whose grown with you, been there when no one was, or showed you love and care in different ways, it'll tear your heart at their loss.

As a recent member of my family who lost our Great Dane, Titus, it has taken some of the light out of the household. Although we had a memorial and it has been two weeks, there hasn't been a day since that I haven't thought of him. I would like to tell him one last time I love him, and hug him. I want him to greet me one last time at the door, jump on me and my boyfriend in the morning, and be his crazy, hyper self once again.

I wrote this one for those going through the same type of heartbreak. Thank you, Titus, for the greatest memories I have from my home.

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