Call Mollie Tibbetts Death What It Is, A Murder As A Result Of Toxic Masculinity

The story of Mollie Tibbetts is not one that we haven't heard before. She goes running, rejects a guy, and gets murdered for it. In another case, slightly different a 27-year-old registered nurse was found dead due to strangulation at a man's apartment. They met on Tinder and went on a date. One date. This is not just something that happens in the United States either. Yesterday in BHIWANBDI a 24-year-old male raped a 13-year-old girl in then drowned her in a bathtub. All of these examples have something in common and it isn't that an immigrant committed the acts.

It is the fact all these women got murdered for existing and nothing is changing.

Instead of things actually changing the political right is trying to push an agenda. Trump wants the wall and so do many other Republicans. With midterm elections coming up they are politicizing her death to boost election votes instead of looking into the problem. Trump started this by releasing a video and going to, of course, Twitter to blame Democrats for not supporting the wall. He blamed Democrats for a 20-year-old college student's murder. Let that sink in.

The president of the United States blamed another political party for a young woman's murder.


His first action was to blame someone else. Not apologize to the family for their loss or try taking responsibility. He blamed a whole political party for not pushing something that has proved in other countries does not work. Not long after many other Republications followed suit. This is even truer in Iowa where the murder took place. This makes sense for many reasons but it should not.

When election seasons happen it seems that if an act of violence occurs, both parties will take the event and politicize it. This is not untrue of Mollie Tibbetts' murder. In the same CNN article, Republican Senate hopeful went after the Democratic party candidate over a radio station. It was tasteless and a complete tactic to full peoples anger. This is what American politics has come too. This is something that needs to change but won't till we stop looking at people through a colored lens.

Even more important in this nightmare is that Mollie Tibbetts wouldn't want her murder to be turned into something so politicized for the wrong reasons. She despised the wall and everything Trump stands for. Not to mention the Republican party. Her tweets are proof of this. She spoke of feminism proudly. She was a self-proclaimed Democrat. Since the gross display from the president and Republican party, her family has spoken up and fought back. Her aunt went to Twitter saying this is not what she would have wanted. Not in the slightest. Her mom wrote an open statement saying she would want us to be discussing the bigger picture which leads me to the fulcrum of why I am writing this article.

She wouldn't want us talking about who murdered her but why. Mollie would want us to talk about why women are being murdered for their existence.

So let's do that. For Mollie.

Right now it seems like all we are focusing on is the fact her murderer was an illegal immigrant. Not the fact he approached her, he was denied, and she was murdered for it. The reason why this case is getting national attention is for the wrong reason is highly problematic. This is a case that should be talked about but it is gaining so much attention because her murderer is an illegal immigrant not because she was killed. This seems to be a trend. The main cases we see get national attention is spousal death. For example, the recent case in Colorado where the husband kills his family.

Very rarely, I will even venture to say never, do we actually see the murders of black women get seen on such a wide scale or at all. That being said, she would want that to change. She would want us to focus on the act of her murder and so many other young women's murder across this country. She would want us to recognize how in this country we disproportionally look at people of color and specifically black women's deaths in comparison to those of white women.

As I said much earlier in this article she was a feminist. Part of being a feminist is being intersectional, AKA caring beyond yourself. What I just said is peak intersectional feminism which is exactly what Mollie would want for her legacy.

We should be using Mollie's death to be a beacon for change like she would have wanted.

Not as a weapon of destruction.

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