As I reached the end of my semester, I realized how important Microsoft Word plays in my college life. Without Microsoft Word, I don't think my college life wouldn't have been easier. If there is something I should be thankful for, that will be Microsoft Word. Here are the reasons why.

1. Microsoft Word makes note-taking more comfortable for me

I no longer write down my notes during my lectures. Writing down notes with a pencil in hand always leave my hand sweaty and exhausted every time in class. I was unable to keep up with what the teacher is saying as well, leaving me so frustrated. But Microsoft Word allows me to keep up with the teacher is saying and I was able to gather the most important notes.

2. Microsoft Word gives me a place to write out my stories

If you are taking a Creative Writing class in fiction, Microsoft Word is the best program to type out stories. You can store all your creative ideas in a document. I love writing stories so much, I always go to Microsoft Word. Plus, this is where I'm writing my in-progress stories that I hope to publish as a novel one day! Not to mention, Microsoft Word allows me to keep my stories hidden away from the public eye. That's to say that Microsoft Word is my outlet for all my creative ideas.

3. Microsoft Word allows me to type out my essays

This is probably the only place where I have to write all of my college essays…

4. Microsoft Word helps me write out my resumes

As I apply for job interviews and internships, they will always ask for resumes. And boy, what place allows me to build my resume? Microsoft Word, no dah.

5. Microsoft Word makes list-making easier

Every time that I have to write out a list of groceries to buy, what art supplies I have to buy, or what ideas I have for my essay, Microsoft Word always make my lists so neat and organized to look at.

Are you thankful for having Microsoft Word in your life? Because I am!