Thoughts I Had While Watching Michelle Obama’s New Documentary
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Thoughts I Had While Watching Michelle Obama’s New Documentary

This Netflix special could not have come out at a better time.

Thoughts I Had While Watching Michelle Obama’s New Documentary

For Christmas of 2018, one of the most beloved gifts I was given was Michelle Obama's memoir, “Becoming". I had adored the Obamas for most of my life— as I still do— and I couldn't wait to dive into the details of her life that I felt like I knew very little about. This book did not disappoint in the slightest, so when I found out earlier this month that Netflix would be releasing a documentary (also called “Becoming") based on her life since leaving the White House while on tour with her book, as well as her early life and behind-the-scenes moments, all in her own voice, I could not wait to watch it. On Mother's Day, my mom and I watched it together to finish off what had been a great day, and, let me tell you: there was not a dry eye in the house when it was over. Here are just a few of the thoughts I had while watching this heartwarming and poignant documentary:

This would absolutely be my reaction to Michelle Obama shaking my hand.


I, too, would be a hysterical puddle of happy tears.

Females are strong as HELL.


The phrase popularized by the Netflix show “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, there are no truer words to describe Mrs. Obama and all of the women in her life.

Female politicians too often get reduced to the clothes they wear.


This is true across most societies and walks of life, but is especially tiring for women in the public eye who have so much more to contribute to the world (like thoughts and talents and ideas) than “who they’re wearing”.

The Secret Service really does get to hear everything.


I cannot even begin to imagine what a Secret Service member overhears on an everyday basis and just has to keep inside forever.

Michelle Obama absolutely GLOWS.


Do you see this?!

Like, she just radiates everywhere she goes!


Just look at her! I aspire to be like her when I grow up— but honestly, who doesn’t?

Growing up in the White House must have been the craziest childhood for Sasha and Malia.


When Michelle talks about trying to sneak outside the White House with Malia to see the celebration of the same-sex marriage ruling, I’m reminded of the kinds of shenanigans my mom and I get up to.

Sasha was just the CUTEST kid ever. 


Her funny comments about nobody coming to her dad’s “party” after getting elected just make younger her even more adorable.

I feel like I say this every time I see Malia, but she is so grown up!


Never mind the fact that she’s older than me. She’s so eloquent and well-spoken, and she and her mom make quite a powerful duo.

She absolutely nailed this “Jim from ‘The Office’” face.


John Krasinski, take notes. Michelle Obama is coming for your brand.

Michelle and Barack are just like any other couple at the end of the day.


Hearing Michelle is so open and candid about the marital counseling they went through really puts in perspective that there is no such thing as a perfect couple and that all relationships take hard work to succeed.

(That’s still a bit hard to believe, though.)


Growing up idolizing the two of them so much, I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that in this picture they’re probably discussing what fast food they want to pick up on the way home.

She has faced so much criticism and drama over the years.


It's easily argued that no white First Lady would face anywhere near the amount of discrimination and hurtful comments made toward Mrs. Obama. Somehow, though, she weathers it all so graciously and comes out the other side stronger than before.

She was an integral part of her husband’s campaign.


This was especially true at the beginning. She has the experience and held power, and was luckily able to use her platform as First Lady to take this influence and propel her own goals so much further.

On top of everything else amazing about her, she’s also musically gifted!


Hearing her mom talk about how she would sit in front of the piano as a child, playing pieces over and over until they were just right, reminded me of myself when I was young.

Her work with young people gives me so much hope.


Our generation is incredibly lucky to have an advocate in Mrs. Obama. This young girl’s face says it all.

She gives the best advice, hands down.


If Michelle Obama told me she believed in me, I would never doubt myself again.

This is just such a lovely woman.


Stephen Colbert is all of us looking at Michelle.

All in all, watching “Becoming" was absolutely the best choice to watch on Mother's Day. It's the condensed story of an incredibly powerful woman who is a ray of sunshine in so many lives. She shares so many lessons that all of us, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you may fall on, can learn from. Take a break from “Outer Banks" and watch this documentary to be reminded that there are so many great people out there, and that, at our cores, people are good and want to put good into the world.

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