How To Prepare For Miami University Move-In Day
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39 Thoughts All Miami University Students Have The Week BEFORE Move-In Day

It's time to make Oxford great again.

miami university move-in day

Guess what time it is? It's almost time to move back to college! Whether you're a veteran to the ordeal or a rookie making your first trip to school, you're probably counting down. For returning students, I'm sure you're fully aware that you have X days, Y hours and exactly Z minutes until you're reunited with your squad and moving into your new home for the next year. You still have a lot to do, though, before this can happen, and we all share some common thoughts.

1. "Do I need this?"

2. "You know what? I probably won't, but I'll buy three more just to be safe."

3. *Packs 20 DVDs* "I know I won't have time for literally any of these, but I'd still like to have options."


I know I have Netflix, but Netflix just doesn't always cut it.

4. "How many more days until I move in? Six? Wow, I better start packing faster."

5. *Stressfully watches 'The Office' while kind of attempting to make a real packing list.*

6. "I need to go Bagel and Deli ASAP when I get back."

7. "I haven't worn this shirt in four years, but hey, who knows, something may come up where I need it."

8. "Do I really need five pairs of black heels in my shoebox of a closet? Well, I mean, that is what shoeboxes are for, so of course I'll bring them."


I can feel my friends judging me as they read this because this is exactly what I did last year and exactly what I will do again this fall.

9. "Do we have dinner plans for move-in night yet?"

10. "I need to coordinate move-in times with everyone for optimal hug time."

11. Underclassmen: "It's time to predict which dining halls to avoid now that I won't have real food anymore."


Pro tip: Dining halls are always a trap.

12. Upperclassmen: "I should probably learn about apartment cooking."

13. "Access codes? What are thoseeeee?! Honestly, though, I should probably start looking at textbooks."

14. *Gets pre-stressed about my fall schedule.*


I have accounting, statistics, and calculus on the same days. Send help ASAP.

15. "When does hockey season start?"

16. "OK, I have one box packed. I'm ahead of schedule."

17. "Well, I thought I was. It is now t-minus four days, and I have basically nothing packed still. I have plans made to go to Pulley, though, so at least I have that going for me."

18. "Today is the day! It might not be move-in day, but I finally packed. I guess now I'm living out of a duffel bag for the final three days."

19. "Apartment/dorm shopping? Oh yeah, I should probably do that. Luckily I had my canvases prepped, painted and ready to go back in May."

20. *Buys the store's entire supply of easy mac.*

21. "I am going to be an adult and recognize my coffee addiction, so I might as well buy out the coffee section, too, while I'm already at the store."


The first step to recovery is recognizing the problem, but this doesn't work out when your problem is college.

22. "Why can't our pets come to school with us?"

23. "I have not seen people in three months. Can these final couple days *possibly* go by any slower?"

24. "... how on earth am I going to fit all of this into my room?"

25. "I have made a huge mistake. This is not all going to fit into my room."


How did I go from one box to all of this?

26. "Wait. Do I still have my ID?"

27. *Brings all of my cookbooks even though fancy cooking will still be hard, even in an apartment.*

28. Underclassmen: "I think I packed shower shoes, but I should probably double and triple check."

28. Upperclassmen: "You know what's great about apartments? You no longer have bathrooms that the entire hallway shares."

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29. "Will Central Quad still be ripped up? Stay tuned to find out on the next episode of 'Unnecessary Construction at Miami University.'"


Is there ever going to be a part of campus not under construction?

30. "Why oh why did they rip up Maple Street again? There is literally no reason to make that dining hall, of all the dining halls, bigger and tear out good places in the process."

31. Non-Farmer School of Business Students: "#DemolishFSB"

32. "Let me just check my schedule for the 10th time today and see how many hours it is until I go home."


It's finally getting closer, and I'm pretty sure this is how every college student feels when reuniting with their best friends.

33. "I should probably check my schedule again to make sure they didn't decide to move or cancel any of my classes without telling me."

34. "Should I add a class? Should I drop a class? Actually, you know what? Maybe I should just drop out altogether."

35. "How can I avoid the new freshmen?"


Freshmen? I don't know them.

36. "Oh my gosh. How long is this week going to last? It should be fall break by now."

37. "Hallelujah, I get to go back tomorrow. I hope I packed everything."

38. "Eh, that's what Walmart is for."

39. "Guess what day it is?!?!? It's move-in day!"


It's finally here, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Now that we're all headed back for the year, I think we can all agree on one thing — it's time to make Oxford great again. Here's to another year, many sleepless nights and all of the adventures to come.

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