Thoughts Of A Sane Man
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Thoughts Of A Sane Man

Listen to the song inside my heart... "inserts Beyonce"

Thoughts Of A Sane Man
626 John Doe

These thoughts run through my mind so read this as a memoir of my inner thoughts conversing with themselves, ideas that are based on observation.

Tree of life

The most high is a consciousness, an everlasting all encompassing existence connected by the creations within creation. Every individual is energy/consciousness first. These levels of consciousness develop and move as we do, manifesting form and being. As we move through the physical life, we determine and decide the consciousness in which we dwell. But at the height or our existence the choice of consciousness is omniscient. We can perceive all realms of the mind. Our limitation comes from the restrictions and limitations we put on ourselves. Deja Vu and other similar feelings can be considered momentary lapses in which our mind goes beyond the standard limitations due to different causes such as: self preservation, trauma, emotional/mental impact etc. A God's consciousness is not the same as the Most High's consciousness. The Most Highs consciousness is one that goes beyond understanding and empathy; it connects and stitches all of creation. Attempting to be in the consciousness of the Most High will consume not to devour but because of the state of unity. A gods consciousness is the state in which the mind perceives all within the realm of conception and may sustain creation as we in consciousness were meant to create. Time is within the space. What has been will always be. What is shall always exist. And what shall be will always be what has been. The idea of time is non existent because it does not exist. We move through space and time not through space and consciousness with the ability to dwell over and over again in every form of our creation. The concept of heaven and hell are the levels of consciousness we can fall or rise into. The lessons taught and the religions had are the methods and ways these lessons are to be interpreted. We find meaning in the way our mind deems necessary to reach the consciousness we choose. There is a right answer; there is a wrong answer; but there are also answers in between. Determining the path you follow requires the knowledge obtained by all consciousness of self. The first step to understanding all consciousness is love of self. The ability to see and accept the consciousness one is in to go beyond it. Conscious broken down would be the subconscious and the conscious. The conscious is the active mind. "we" is a singularity with the ability to dwell as a duality. Our conscious mind exists in multiple realms of space with every decision we make. The subconscious is what connects us to each of those consciousness, understanding this allows the concept of life and death to cease existence. The point is creation, forward projection infinite and decisive. An answer or reality that causes loop defeats and denies this possibility of existence. Life and death is a reality formed that limits our creation. It ceases the conscious path that lead to a singular point. But consciousness cannot die it can just become submerged and buried. The idea of reincarnation is in this idea where our consciousness moves to another space within its own plain. We do not cease to exist but simply exist further within ourselves. The heaven we title is themo consciousness that frees us from the cycles limiting us. Religiously speaking, Jesus was a man a being that like all others. The Most High existed within. His consciousness though moved within and outside of the present of decidedly limited consciousness. The lessons left were to move past this. This is the free will gifted to our conscious mind. The ability to choose conscious mind. The ability to choose to live or move along this conscious path or further develop the mind to move beyond our limitations. Our significance is not deemed by us but by the connecting ecosystem that is the Most High.

Referring to time what defines the existence but the mere consciousness of perception. The ability to perceive either agreeably or disagreeable gives manifestation.

This is the purpose of man but the purpose of the individual.

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