How To Around Celebrities, If You're Lucky Enough To Meet One
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How To Around Celebrities, If You're Lucky Enough To Meet One

Have you ever thought of what you would say or do if you met your favorite celebrity? Here are some tips!

How To Around Celebrities, If You're Lucky Enough To Meet One

We've done the live festivals and concerts and screamed behind our iPhone, but getting the chance to actually meet them? Now that's a totally different experience. When you grow an unhealthy obsession with a person for so long, having the chance to actually talk to them can be extremely nerve-wracking.

"Celebrities are just like us. We all put pants on the same way." Umm, not true. They have much more money than we do and could probably have someone put their pants on for them. Not to mention that they could most likely buy several pant factories while the rest of the population struggles to afford a nice pair of Old Navy jeans.

So as you can see the difference between the average person and celebrities is very real. My few encounters with these incomprehensible rock stars encouraged me to see them differently. Every scenario calls for an individual reaction.

Seeing a celebrity in concert is the time of your life. You do yourself a disservice if you aren't yelling and singing mad at the top of your lungs.

Meeting a celebrity in a meet and greet situation is another performance by itself. Obviously, you're excited to see Miley Cyrus. A little bit of your craziest self should make an appearance. But celebrities see crazed fans consistently 24/7. If you want to stand out, try asking questions before/while you get your photo op.

Ask questions that you think no one else asked them that day. What's your biggest pet peeve from your sibling? What song lyric do you hate the most? When they have to think about questions and not just give automated responses they are more prone to remember your face or name.

When you meet a celebrity on your own or in a natural setting, less crazy fan is preferred. If you yell and scream, "It's Kim Kardashian!!!!" You can attract a lot of unwanted attention to them. My sisters and I were walking down the streets of Brooklyn, New York, obliviously. My oldest sister stopped suddenly when she made eye contact with a stranger going through a revolving door. He was a tall, blonde beauty that smiled at all of us.

Cody Simpson IN THE FLESH. No security or bodyguards. Faith said we shouldn't go in and say hello in case we attract the masses of people that were too self-involved to see Cody. Grace was already halfway to him and ignored the wise advice. As we got closer we started whispering to each other feverishly, "Act cool. Act cool." We acted like we saw celebrities every day.

"Hey, Cody! It's so nice to meet you, I didn't know you lived in Brooklyn." It took every urge in my body not to pull out Snapchat and just record. He seemed relieved that we didn't cause havoc. It turns out he was just arriving home and invited us to sit in his lobby and talk. I had a camera around my neck and he asked about my vlog, but I mentioned that he didn't have to do anything since he's probably being filmed all day.

He laughed and said, "You have no idea. But I love talking to you guys. Sometimes the routine of seeing someone and them instantly pulling out a flashing phone in your face makes you feel like a museum piece or something." We talked for a while about his work, family, and how he liked living in Brooklyn for a while.

Finally, we asked for a picture and tried to be as casual as we could about doing it. He gave us directions to where we were trying to go. Once we were on our way and out of hearing distance, we started jumping and screaming like little girls.

Meeting Cody Simpson made me see celebrities differently. The look on his face when we walked in and began talking to him like a normal person was a mixture of curiosity and relief. He looked so relieved that we weren't going to yell and reveal his presence.

They might not put pants on exactly like us, but they have need for privacy just like we do. If you ever get the opportunity to meet a celebrity make sure you make the most of it and set a good impression. Depending on the situation, you should always respect their privacy and remember that they are people like us.

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