It has become commonplace to suggest that men with depression "need feminism." I believe that to be completely false. The reality is, men cannot and should not seek out female role models. Why? Because a man cannot learn how to be masculine from a woman. He just can't, simply due to the fact that females possess predominantly feminine traits and values that run contrary to traditionally masculine traits/values/virtues.

Many feminists categorize masculinity as a whole, including virtues such as courage, strength, honor, and mastery as "fragile," or just "toxic" when in reality it is perfectly healthy for men to possess a stoic attitude towards the world (that is, withholding emotion, gratification, accolades, etc.). True masculinity is generated from the production of testosterone, coupled with the imitation of role models or archetypes i.e. Crusaders, Berserkers, people such as Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Martel, Leonidas I, St. Michael The Archangel, etc.

But even more so, the masculinity of men is also dependent of their fathers, to teach them virtues such those mentioned above, as well as discipline, respect, faith, rationality, accountability, responsibility, and others. Especially since in the case of single mothers, they are not intimidating on their own to instill the necessary level of discipline and respect upon teenaged and young adult men. Again, it is the duty of the father to ensure their sons become upstanding young men, worthy enough to gain respect and honor from their peers as well as the love of a woman who he will make his bride. Even if that bride is the holy mother church. Husbandry and fatherhood should be embraced by men, not considered "the ball and chain." Likewise, fatherhood and husbandry teach men to be more responsible and be willing to do what is right for the sake of their families.

It is also the duty of men to (when necessary) take up arms and defend a nation's integrity from threats both foreign and domestic, and to protect against threats both secular and spiritual. Those called to the priesthood may choose the path of becoming an exorcist and face those spiritual threats head-on. Or they may become a member of the armed forces, where even if their father was not present, that level of respect will be drilled into them every day of their service. In other words, make a man out of them.

If masculinity is fragile, there would be so many nervous breakdowns among military servicemen, as well as farmers, tradesmen, police officers etc.

"This work is too stressful, let me go back to bed and cry into my pillow!" says the male feminist soy boy who barely produces enough testosterone to achieve an erection. In previous articles, I have touched on the subject of war and how it is a necessary last resort when dealing with hostility. War requires a few good men to fight the battles on the front-lines and without masculine men, who are stoic, strong, disciplined, courageous, honorable, refined, etc. civilization as we know it would have never existed in the first place.

Many institutions such as academia, the boy scouts, the priesthood, etc. have been feminized beyond recognition, depriving young men of necessary virtue for their fulfillment and self-confidence. This leaves the military as one of the few organizations left that teach/instill those virtues. Saying men should "learn to cry more" only deprives them of the virtue of stoicism. Saying masculinity is "fragile" or "toxic" only expresses ignorance of history. And saying men should be more feminine only robs young women of suitable husbands and fathers to their children.

Now, by saying that masculinity provides a set of traits and virtues to men that are healthy and should be expressed openly by them, am I saying that women are incapable of doing everything a man can do, even without men? No. It has been proven time and again over history, from Joan of Arc to Lori Greiner, that a woman can do everything a man can do. But this does not stray from the fact that men and women are by nature, inherently different, yet complementary.

Fathers are just as necessary for children as mothers are. I'm not saying that a woman can't raise a family on her own, however, that should be only in the case of special circumstance i.e. Death, deployment, imprisoned, etc. It should not be the norm, because when the family falls, so does the civilization, because strong family units serve as the lifeblood of a culture worth saving.

For more on the subject of masculinity, Prager U made a video addressing the topic.