I'm A Black Girl Who Loves Spanish Soap Operas

You know how you go through your Netflix account and you are trying to get something to watch? Understandable. These days there are not that many shows to watch, but I know myself very well, and I love drama, romance, and suspense all at once, which equals to soap operas! So, I looked for soap operas, and for some reason, Spanish soap operas pop up. After watching one episode of "Corazon Valiente," which is Fearless Heart in English, I was instantly hooked.

From murder to sex, it gets interesting in every episode. Before we get any further, I just want to warn you that there are SPOILER ALERTS!!! So, in the first episode, it started with two young girls being best friends, and instantly there is drama. One of the little girls gets kidnapped for money, then one of the little girl's father was sent to get her friend, but he ends up killing the kidnappers and himself. The little girls grew up to become bodyguards for rich families. Instantly they fall in love ON THE JOB. However, one of the bodyguards who fell in love with her boss has a wife and daughter. The wife was pregnant but she loved to drink. Even though the murders happened to the two female characters, there is someone still after them. Another female character is after the whole family, because of the trauma she got while she was in high school. It gets complicated and crazy for two characters.

In my case, I'm supposed to watch Empire, Love and Hip Hop, Soul Food, and all other African American shows. I do love Empire, and I'm not bashing any of these shows. However, I am trying something different, where I can keep my eyes on the TV. If anyone doesn't believe me, I challenge you to watch one episode of a Spanish soap opera, and you will see my point.

There are a few things that kind of make me laugh is the very long but catchy theme song. One thing I do wish is that they translate the words so I know what it means. One day I will use Google translate for the words, so I can see if the theme song matches with the overall show. Then every time a character has a romantic moment with another character, the same song plays all the time! Honestly, it makes me laugh, but I honestly love it, because the song shows the same meaning of love.

Some people might say my black card should be taken away, but at least I'll be satisfied with my interests in entertainment. I don't think that I should stick to my own ethnic shows and like them. Why can't I do both? As I said, I have the view of watching a few episodes, and I'll probably continue to do so.

My recommendation is "Corazon Valiente" because the show gives the potential to keep your eyes on the screen so you can understand the plots. No doubt and no shame!

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