5 Reasons I've Fallen In Love With My College
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6 Reasons I've Already Fallen In Love With My College

I've only been at the University of Wisconsin- Madison for less than two months and I'm already in love with this wonderful place!

6 Reasons I've Already Fallen In Love With My College

Everything about the University of Wisconsin from the buildings, to the sports, to game days, to the food, it's all so perfect. Every time I spend a day on campus, I remember why I chose this amazing place and I can't imagine going to school anywhere else! The people and the atmosphere here are completely different than anywhere I've ever been. There are so many new and exciting things to discover and the university has them all! Everyone has so much love and pride for this school and it most certainly makes me wants to get up every morning and experience what the University of Wisconsin- Madison has to offer!

1. We have the best fans!

Game day baby!


Almost every Saturday, for 14 weeks, everyone gets to wake up and watch Badger football. The whole town shuts down and everyone is wearing red and white head to toe. The stadium goes absolutely nuts when they play the opening video about the history of Badger football, when we sing "Build me up Buttercup" and when the iconic song "Jump Around" plays at the beginning of the fourth quarter (I would totally recommend coming to a game and seeing for yourself)!!! Everywhere you turn, people are tailgating and just having fun before the game. All of us share one love and we are very proud of it!

2. We have the best sports! (a little biased)

U Rah- Rah!!!


There's almost always a badger game going on every day. Each one so different than the next. We get very defensive about our school and are always there to cheer them on! We also dominate in like every sport!!!!!!! We are most certainly not cocky and each player has so much love for their sport and they show it! Win or lose, everyone is proud of the players and cheer them on every step of the way!

3. The food here is life changing!!

We've got it all!


Not only does Wisconsin have the best cheese curds and brats, have every food you can think of. If you want Mexican, Chinese, Indian, they have it all. I'm from New York so I was very hesitant about the pizza here and I have to say it's pretty damn good ( I think it's the cheese!). There are so many cute coffee shops that have amazing drinks and pastries!! (I'm dreaming about the pumpkin pie latte from Indie Coffee as I'm writing this!) Oh and don't forget about the pulled pork mac and cheese at the stadiums, three words.... to.die.for.

4. The campus is stunning!

Everything is so beautiful!


I've only been here for late summer and early fall but I can already tell that every season here is beautiful and has its moments. The leaves are beginning to change and the air finally feels crisp. The old buildings are absolutely breathtaking. Let's not forget about the capital building! It's so close to campus and it's such a well-known building. Since the campus is so huge, there are so many wonderful things to look at and so many new and different places to try!!

5. Everyone is so nice!

Thanks for making my transition so easy!


I was so scared to come to college because I am a little shy when it comes to meeting new people but everyone I've met has been so open to talking and so kind! I know everyone says, "everyone is going through the same thing as you," but it's SO true! Everyone else wants to make friends and I can always find something to talk about. It's nice having such a large diverse campus because almost every day, I meet someone new. I've met people in the coffee shops, at games, in a store or just in class! Not only are the people and students nice, so are the professors. They care so much about students and are extremely passionate about what they do. They are always willing to help you or even just to get to know you!!!

6. There are so many opportunities!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!


Not only is the University of Wisconsin-Madison known for their wide variety of academics, but they are also known for all of the many opportunities they offer outside of school work. I was so excited to get involved on campus and explore all of the clubs they offered! Right now I am very much involved with more than four clubs on campus but I am still open to trying new things. It is a great way to meet new people outside of class and that have the same interests as you! These clubs are not only fun, but they also prepare you for the real world and allow you to experience amazing things that some other college or universities don't offer!

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