The first few months of a new relationship is always the best feeling. The giddy feeling you get in your stomach when you go out for dates, the constant phone calls, butterflies in your stomach, and the rosy cheeks you get when your friends ask you how the relationship is going. The honeymoon stage (which is what I call the first blissful months of dating) is usually the stage to where nothing bad can happen but also where the guy thinks of everything and anything to keep that smile on his girls face. As amazing as the first few months of dating is; why must it be amazing only for the first few months?

A lot of the time the spark fizzles out because both parties get comfortable in the relationship which is completely normal. Being comfortable in the relationship is not just a stage but a milestone in the relationship. The only downside to being comfortable in the relationship is that occasionally one or the other does not feel as special as they used to in the beginning of the relationship. Now, I am not telling you that you should spend all of your money to make them feel special; there are little things that you can do to make your significant other feel like you are still trying to win them over.

GUYS: I know that you think that girls are complicated creatures and honestly sometimes we are; but little things do make us happy. A small bouquet of flowers from Publix here and there, spending your lunch breaks together, or surprising her with her favorite snack when she is having a bad day. Now, you are probably thinking "I am a broke college student; I don't have money for all of that." Here's a little insider tip that will make her put a smile on her face that is completely FREE. Call her on your lunch break or call her just to see how she is doing, make her a playlist of songs that remind you of her, and this may be cheesy but I promise you that this will make her smile (only because I know that I would be all giddy) write her a note every once in a while. It can be a simple "You looked nice today" to talking about your day. i know it is very cheesy but I promise you that if you do the little things that will put a smile on her face that spark won't go away.

LADIES: It is the 21st century so why are we making all the guys do the work in making us smile and feeling special? Guys are definitely not hard to please and they may want to maintain that masculine image but i guarantee you that they still want to be reassured that they are special and that you care (even if they won't admit it). Surprise them with a cooked dinner (or buy them dinner) every once in a while or surprise them with something that they've been talking about wanting/needing. Now same thing goes for you; if you are a broke college student never fear there are little things you can do that is priceless as well. Surprise them with freshly washed and folded laundry because we all know how much guys hate doing laundry, have a nice cold drink ready for them when they come home, randomly send them a sweet text. Guys are not as high maintenance as we are but the little things will definitely make them feel like they care.

A relationship is an effort from both sides and sometimes your partner needs to lean on you but that is perfectly okay. Doing the little things to show that you care and that you appreciate them will not only keep that spark alive but it will also make your relationship stronger as well. Whether you want to go all out in making your significant other feel special or doing subtle little things; I promise that whatever you do your partner will thank you and will have a smile on their face from ear to ear.