optimism vs pessmism
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optimism vs  pessmism

If you were given two concepts; optimism or pessimism. What would you choose?

optimism vs  pessmism

Are we all always optimist towards things. Do we have to be optimistic towards everything? What does optimism really mean? Why being optimistic is so important to everyone? Is it bad to be pessimistic? Why people think that pessimistic is bad?

There are so many questions about these two concepts; optimism and pessimism. Why do we want to apply these concepts to our lives and wonder if we are leading our life in a correct path. Are there any right or wrong answer?

These concepts will give an idea of what we think about ourselves and how we are leading our lives. Optimism means if you even have a hard time, you still have the power to fight back. Pessimism means even if your life is filled with little problem, then you think, it is the end of the world.

These two concepts can change your life. By changing the way you think, the way you process things, the way you take things in, and the way you take actions after you think. Your life will change entirely, if you become a little optimistic in your lives.

At first being optimistic can be hard because thinking everything can be ok is hard, but the reality is everything turns around to be ok. It is hard to believe that that's how life works, but mostly life is not evil as you think. For instance, you got fired from your job. The possible two ways to handle this situation is to find a new job or sit on your cozy couch and think the world coming against you.

You making the decision of getting a new job is being optimism. By changing your thoughts, you found something productive in your life. Again, losing a Job is not the end of the world. You are living your life in your ups and downs.

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