Letter writing is a lost art. I have always been one to write letters to my friends, pass notes in class, and send letters to those I love. People always ask me why I write handwritten letters when I can easily send a text or an email. My answer is simple:

1) It is a treasured token. Letter writing provides the opportunity for you to write words of real worth and impact a person’s life. Handwritten letters a very special and rare. Personally, I keep all handwritten notes that I have received because it was a moment I felt like someone cared enough about me to use their precious time to put their feelings onto paper. Taking the time to write a letter to someone shows that you value and desire to invest in the relationship at hand. Important and powerful words are worth looking over time and time again. People rarely get mail they are excited for. Amongst the bills and junk, your letter to someone could be a cheerful surprise.

2) It pauses chaos for a moment. Writing letters requires time. In a world of technology where everything is instant, a letter does not necessarily react to the situation at hand. People write letters to express their feelings or thoughts. They write to say something that needs to be said. As you sit down with your pen and paper, words dance along the sheet, and before you know it you have spent more time than you thought on writing a simple note. You reflect on the blessings in your life, and you are giving back to someone you care for. For a moment in our busy lives, you are able to pause life and let the pen dive into the pool of paper.

3) It is easy to do, so I quit making excuses. I use to argue that letter writing is hard because of the time, supplies, and postage. First, it only takes as much time as I want to put into it. Second, I quickly discovered that I can find a writing utensil and paper just about anywhere. Dollar Tree sells envelopes for $1. Lastly, I believe it only costs .49 for a stamp. My next excuse would be that I could not think of what to say. Well, I learned that I could write down whatever I was feeling or whatever I wanted them to know. I also use Pinterest for good quotes to include in my letters.

I learned that everyone I write to loves their letters and they feel special. I write because I like making people see them the beautiful way I see them. I feel that sometimes I cannot always come up with the right words in a conversation, but with letter writing, it flows naturally for me. I write to encourage those who need a little push, to those who need some motivation, and to those that need to be reminded that they need to be proud of themselves. I am not trying to brag on myself or toot my own horn. I believe that communication can be expressed in various ways, but people think they always have to be verbal for their point to get across. Letter writing provides those involved with a strong sense of relationship and a care for humanity. I encourage everyone to write a letter and send it off to someone. Not only will it surprise them, but it will make them feel important. You can impact a person in such a way, so why not take advantage of it?