To anyone struggling in life,

You may not care to read this, because you might be at that breaking point in your life, you know, where you just don't care about anything at all anymore. But, in case you do read this, I need you to know that you are capable. You are capable of so much more than you make yourself out to be. You are much more than your past and your demons. You are the person that you dream to be. You see, life is a struggle, but you are not what makes up that struggle in life.

It's hard to listen to what people say to you because how do they see and understand the difficulties you face? You are correct in the fact that they couldn't possibly see your difficulties and understand them. But you are incorrect if you think because someone does not understand you, means they couldn't possibly care about you. Sometimes, people don't want to know and understand battles you are fighting because then they would be force to feel what you feel too.

People are going to try to bring you down, gain power of you, and make you believe you are not worthy. Remember, jealousy is the ugly truth. Remove the ugly truth (jealousy) and remember this life is about you. You may be struggling, but you are not the negative words that come out of a jealous mouth.

You truly hold the key to your life. Every aspect of your life relies on you. A lot of people see the now and sometimes the now is a dark picture. That's all they see though, they don't look past the dark picture. Every picture you play in your head or see now represents a standstill. It will move again, you will see through the dark image you are seeing, and you will have the opportunity to change the person you see in that dark picture.

Life takes time, you take time to grow, you take time to learn, and you take time to love. Every process in life takes time. Give yourself time to get through this dark time. Remember, you are more than you believe yourself to be. Do not let the negative mind win your life. Life can get dark and scary, but life still needs you in it, to help make life a little more brighter and a little less scary.