Last Semester Of College
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To My Parents, As I Near My Last Semester Of College

College somehow feels like it's been my entire life and that it would never end, but I just registered for my last semester.


I never thought I'd get here. Most students feel the same. Even though the usual time spent in college is four years, it feels like a lifetime to us. Some of us spend 3 years and get out early, some spend 5 years because it's hard deciding what career field you want to spend forever in, and some of us spend a lot of years in college. None of these options are the wrong or right way to do college. There's no wrong way to spend your time in college as long as you're trying. Life isn't a race to the finish line, we're all going our own pace.

Personally, I never thought I'd see this day where I clicked 'register' in Web Express for my final semester. After many, many bumps in the road, I'd convinced myself that I couldn't finish college and that it simply wasn't going to happen. Yet, I persisted. I mean, what else was I supposed to? I just kept going because that's what I do. And I can't believe that in May I'll be walking across the stage to accept my degree.

As I hit "register" though, I didn't feel this instant relief or gratification that I thought I would. Instead, I reflected on what my experience had been so far. What I'd lost, what I'd gained, and what I still hadn't gotten to yet.

The first thought at the forefront of my mind was how thankful I was. I was overwhelmed with this feeling of being so grateful to be able to go to a four-year college and complete a Bachelor's degree. I could never have experienced any of college without my parents. Even when times got tough and there were stops and hindrances in my education, they believed in me and supported me through it all. Without them, I could have accomplished none of this. They allowed me to do things they never could at my age and I am forever grateful for it. I owe my future to them.

If I'm being honest, a big reason I stayed in college and didn't quit or give up, is because of the fear of disappointing them. There were many days when I thought, "I could just drop out. I could work my slightly above minimum wage job and just live." But as these thoughts crossed my mind, I could see my mother and father's disapproving gaze. I knew I would disappoint them immensely with this decision and my mantra through many rough days was "Do it for them."

When I wanted to give up and forget the world and college and homework and stress, I thought about my parents and how proud they'd be to see their firstborn walk across the stage to accept her college degree.

That mindset pushed me to finish homework assignments I'd given up on and to go to classes I had no interest in ever being in.

I know that no matter what my future holds, it's in my hands. But I could never have gotten a college degree if it wasn't for my parents.

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