To everyone everywhere,

Let's just start off with the fact that all fast food employees are still human, and chances are, none of us want to be there. You are most likely dealing with a high school or college-aged worker who would rather be anywhere else and is not getting paid nearly as much as they should be for how they are being treated. None of us are perfect when we go to fast food restaurants but there are some things we'd like you to know:

This is a big one— it is 2019 and some people still don't know how the drive-thru works.

First, please stop at the speaker to place your order, like seriously that's just how it works. It is quite confusing when you zoom past the speaker and place your order at the window. Second, it is extremely hard to hear when taking orders at the drive-thru because not only is it coming through a tiny speaker at your ear, but there is so much background noise in the store. So please speak up, honestly you can yell, whatever works. Third, if you are one of those people who have the jacked up truck that you can hear coming from a mile away, please please please turn the truck off. Fourth, if you and your four children in your mini-van have no clue what you want, please don't go to the drive-thru, just park and go inside or to the front window. Also with that, please don't sit at the drive-thru speaker and ask for a minute when there is an obvious line behind you.

When you have finally gotten through the ordering process and you are ready to pay, please don't yell at us or give us attitude because of the prices.

We do not make the prices and we probably think they're expensive too, but we literally have no control over that at all. Along with that, don't get angry if we say a coupon is expired or a deal you thought you could get is over because, again, it is out of our control. Another thing is if you already see us getting your change please do not try and give us change, it gets confusing for everyone. If you want to give us exact change or something close to it, just tell us. We'd also appreciate it if you didn't throw your money or card at us, pretty self-explanatory.

Please just remember that when we say we can't do something it is not because we don't want to but because we are not allowed and most of the time we don't even know why, but those orders come from people much higher than us.

Please just be respectful, we are trying our best to get you your food quickly and the best we can. If your order is messed up, I understand that it is frustrating, but no one did it on purpose. We will always be pleasant to you, so if you're pleasant to us, life will just be so much better.


All fast food employees