'Lies Feminists Tell' With Kristan Hawkins Was A Cringe-Fest
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I Attended 'Lies Feminists Tell' With Kristan Hawkins And It Was A Cringe-Fest

An event that was hosted by Students for Life America at Western Washington University

I Attended 'Lies Feminists Tell' With Kristan Hawkins And It Was A Cringe-Fest

Let me start by praising the number of people who went to this event from both sides of the argument.

The turn out for this was over 200 people, with students and community members. It spilled out of the original room and into other overflow rooms.

But, there were only about 10 people in my room of (70+) people who were there in support of her cause. Here is what was said at this event:

Kristan Hawkins began with explaining her life.

While attempting to resonate with her audience, the opening to her argument was about seven minutes of her explaining how she was so lucky to have a husband who was willing to put his life on hold for her to continue her career. She explains how she has four children and that two of them have CF (cystic fibrosis) and that she is amazed that her husband was so selfless.

Then she proceeded to mimic an abortion.

From the table, she grabs a fetus doll (which I thought was a russet potato from afar) and proceeded to rip it limb by limb explaining how this was murder. From the pro-life crowd in the room was engaged and in agreement with what she was doing. The feminists in the room (all 100+) were amazed by the presentation and how close-minded it was.

She told the story of Melania Trump and Planned Parenthood.

Melania (pro-life) and Planned Parenthood (pro-choice) have a rocky relationship, and it got worse when Melania decided to have a meeting with PP and ask them to separate the abortion clinic from the rest of the others. Then PP put her on blast on twitter, and it ended up not so good.

She claims that abortion is Anti-Feminism. 

She claims that second wave feminism is based on"women are only equal if they have access to special surgeries."

This made the pro-lifers clap and the feminists in the room scream with anger.

Feminist "lie" number one

"We live in what the CDC considers an STD attack."

She goes on to explain that because culture has made sex out of marriage okay that it encourages more people to go out and have sex casually. Then explained how feminists came up with the "lie" that preventative medicine (condoms and birth control) are needed to allow women sexual liberation, but really it just means that the people you are having relations with can go and sleep with anyone else on the side.

Feminist "lie" number two

"Abortions are needed for women to succeed."

She loosely told the story of a group of 140 lawyers who wrote Congress in support of pro-choice and said that they could not be where they are in life without the access to abortions.

Which Hawkins shut down as saying that they murdered their way to their careers.

Feminist "lie" number three

"[Abortion] is harmless and safe."

Went on to again reference the fetus and tools, and how many people died from abortions recently (she could only name three).

She claims that one abortion raises a woman's chance of breast cancer by 44%, and that suicide rates in women on birth control are two times higher than those who are not.

Feminist "lie" number four

"We need the ERA" (equal rights amendment) to make sure that women are recognized as equal to men.

Then it was question time.

This was the exact moment when Hawkins realized that it was the wrong choice to take questions. All of them were against her except one older gentleman.

Someone asked about her stance on recreational sex and she said "I have recreational sex all the time" at least six times in her response

Someone asked about how she can hate something (PP) so much even though they do so much for women other than abortion and she responded with "Do you hate the Diabetes Association?"

Someone asked where trans people sit on these issues and she said that there were only two genders.

Then she said no more questions and ended the event 15 minutes early.

Had I have known beforehand that the entire event would have been about abortion I wouldn't have gone because I could have told anyone how it would have ended. The entire night was filled with tension from the audience towards a group of people who thought they needed police to protect themselves and posted security in each room. It was a cringe-worthy experience.

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