You Know You Live In DC When...
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You Know You Live In DC When...

You Know You Live In DC When...

Living in DC has resulted in some experiences very much unique to living in the nation’s capitol. The specificity, yet regularity, of events such as these never fail to amaze.       You know you live in DC when…         

Going from happy hour to protests in front of the White House is normal.     

You run into Malia Obama at Sephora.     

Marine One and F-16s wake you up on the regular.    

The motorcade makes you late for class.     

You study at the Library of Congress.    

A field trip means you are going to a Supreme Court hearing.     

Your jogging route always includes the monuments.     

The police do not care about anything except national security.     

Your favorite date spot is the south side of Lincoln.  

Your freshman dorm is three blocks from the White House.

All of your friends have, are or are going to intern on Capitol Hill.    

You end up partying with diplomats and the children of diplomats.     

There is a bomb threat on your street, weekly.     

You have friends who work at the Pentagon.     

The argument on whether to fly or take a train to New York never resolves.      

It is 75 degrees one day and 25 degrees the next.     

You share a Starbucks with John Kerry.     

Uber becomes your primary credit card charge.     

The progression of preference from frat house parties to clubs to bars occurs.    

You end up at a political fundraiser at a law firm by chance.

You struggle to figure out how to get to Arlington.      

It takes you months to figure out the difference between Rosslyn and Arlington.       

“Meet me in front of the White House,” becomes your “Meet me on the Met steps” xoxo Gossip Girl .  

Secret service points a gun at you, and then smiles.     

You share a hair salon with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary.     

You often wonder just how much you are being watched.

You live in the single safest, and most dangerous, square mile in the country.    

You postmates Sweet Green and revel in the irony.      

Everywhere you go, someone is wearing a dress from Cusp. 

You go to a party in your hometown and are horrified by the attire.      

The annual IMF conference occurs on your campus.     

They film House Of Cards on your campus.     

Joe Biden walks around campus to visit his friends, who are your professors.    

Your bid day is on the national mall.     

Your graduation is on the national mall.     

Every major event is on the national mall.     

You look for an Arabic tutor and get someone who works at the Middle East Institute   

You can’t decide between Corepower, Tranquil Space, and Yoga District.    

Business casual elsewhere becomes your everyday attire.

You will never know what a college tailgate feels like.      

You can see the Lincoln from your sorority house.      

Going back to school, you are welcomed with a stunning view of the monuments on final approach.      

You discover U Street and wonder why you have been going elsewhere all this time.     

You know someone who has the real world version of Olivia Pope’s job.     

You know someone, who knows someone, who is tight with the President.      

You know someone, who knows someone, who knows almost anyone you know.        

You notice all of the inconsistencies in DC-based TV shows.

You meet someone from over five DMV universities on any given night out.     

Potbelly becomes your second home.     

Shadow is no longer fun.      

You still feel obligated to go to Shadow at least once a month.    

You cannot get away from the talk of politics. Ever.   

You finally realize what the Wizards are.      

You know that Baked and Wired tremendously surpasses Georgetown Cupcake.        

You look forward to bottomless mimosas at Sunday brunch more than you look forward to Saturday night.     

Founding Farmers no longer makes you think of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.    

You have thoroughly celebrated the legalization of weed.

When you no longer go to Nooshi for the food.      

The Alero vs. Los Cuates debate never ends.     

Smoking trashcans do not concern you.      

You realize that one protester in front of the White House will outlive your existence.     

You don’t need to go anywhere else but M street to meet all of your fashion needs.     

All the museums are cool. Okay.   

You learn that 9:30 Club is better than Echostage.      

When it comes to dating, slowly, intelligence becomes much more important than looks.       

You realize that the only place in this country that is preppier is UVA.     

You have hit on a gay guy.     

You realize there is nowhere else you would rather attend college.

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