You Should Listen To The University Of Kentucky Cheerleaders
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UK's Cheer Coaches Have Been Fired But Everyone Needs To Stop And Listen To The Cheerleaders

All of the reports seem horrifying and we all need some clarification on this.

UK's Cheer Coaches Have Been Fired But Everyone Needs To Stop And Listen To The Cheerleaders

The University of Kentucky's president announced today that after a three-month investigation into hazing, alcohol use, and public nudity, all four of the university's cheerleading coaches had been fired.

The investigation included looking into activities from an annual cheerleading retreat that included drinking alcohol, going topless, and singing a sexual song with their clothes off, all while the coaches allegedly watched or knew about activities.

The University of Kentucky's cheerleaders are among the country's elite and are the best of the best. They are 24-time national champions and have even represented the United States of America in the Winter Olympics.

All of the current reports from the local stations and from the direct report from the university make everything seem to be quite horrifying. You almost can't help but immediately jump to the conclusion that all of the coaches are at fault and shouldn't have let any of this happen. But once you actually start listening to some of the cheerleaders, you may also have a few questions.

Kyle Steele, a former UK cheerleader, posted a video commenting on the release and gave strong insight into the situation. In his video, he addresses the claims made in the reports from his personal experiences. Steele repeatedly supports his former coaches stating that "they worried about you as a person" more than just a cheerleader. Steele also continues to address the nudity allegations and claims that the coaches were not involved in any of the circumstances and that "it was all the athlete's choices."

Madison Mullin, a former UK cheerleader, also tweeted proof that was no hazing and that all of the actions were their own choices.

Chas Welte, a current UK cheerleader, also commented on all of the positives that have come from the UK cheer program.

Cheyanne Bustle, a former UK cheerleader, also tweeted confirming their actions are their own choices and showing support for UKs programs.

Now, I'm not supporting any kind of hazing, underage alcohol use, anyone being pressured into doing things they don't want to do, nor am I saying any of this wasn't avoidable and that some of the coaches, and some of the athletes, aren't in the wrong. But I do think a lot more information needs to be given and the same standards need to be applied to all college athletes.

All of these cheerleaders dedicate their lives to their sport, so for such a strong cheer program like UK's to be trashed so quickly is heartbreaking. The cheerleaders I've seen speak about the report say that everything was their own choice and nothing was really the coaches' fault.

I know I may be biased as UK student, and I know the cheerleaders may be biased to stand up for their coaches. But I also know anything can be used against anyone in any way. So if you stop and listen to the actual cheerleaders, things seem very blown out of proportion.

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