Kanye's Rants Make Trump Seem Sane
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Kanye's Rants Make Trump Seem Sane

He's literally exhibiting the behaviors seen in rebelliuos teenagers.

Kanye's Rants Make Trump Seem Sane

No matter your opinion on Donald Trump, it's safe to say that some of his twitter rants and impromptu speeches can seem a little much at times. His Twitter rants are far from presidential, let alone professional. Just look what comes up when you google "Trump Twitter rants."

Then there's Kanye West. His Twitter rants and rants at his concerts are probably worse than Trump's. If you google "Trump rant", this is what comes up.

When you google "Kanye Twitter rant"-

In his latest rant at his concert in Sacramento, after showing up late and performing just 2 songs for a total of 10 minutes, he started ranting on about Beyonce and Donald Trump, for starters. It was announced today that he ended up cancelling the rest of his tour.

An article from Shrink Tank dived into Kanye's behaviors. When talking about "Narcissistic or Histrionic Personality Disorders", the writer Dr. Rachel Kitson says,

"Excessive attention seeking behaviors are associated with the dramatic cluster of diagnostic disorders; and unsurprisingly many individuals who pursue careers in entertainment demonstrate these traits. Narcissistic Personality Disorder describes people who are excessively preoccupied by their own adequacy, power, prestige, and vanity. They feel entitled and self-important, have a strong need for admiration, often lack empathy, and tend to display their beliefs and behaviors in grandiose ways. Histrionic Personality Disorder refers to individuals who have a high need for attention and thus make loud, dramatic, and sometimes inappropriate displays or appearances; they tend to be lively, excessive, and dramatic; and crave stimulation and drama and react in exaggerated ways. These traits are sometimes considered defenses against deep feelings of inferiority and fear of being unloved or accepted."

She also says that he might literally be stuck in teenage behaviors-

Kanye seems permanently stuck in the rebellious adolescent phase of “you can’t put me in a box.” Identity formation is the process through which a person comes to understand the characteristics in themselves that both set them apart as having a distinct personality but also help them affiliate with others. Individuation is thought to occur during adolescence—this is what Erik Erikson refers to as “Role Confusion,” the process by which one discovers “who they are” and is able to identify core values and goals that will guide their future pursuits into adulthood. Failure to “individualize” oneself leads to difficulties with forming shared identities and intimate relationships with others (e.g. Erikson’s next stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation in adulthood). Emerging from adolescence with a strong sense of identity and personality better equips the individual, as an adult, to face life’s uncertainties and make decisions with conviction and confidence. Unsuccessful identity formation leads to “crisis” where an individual is constantly struggling to find themselves into adulthood.

All in all, Kanye needs help, whether that be from loving friends and family or from a psychiatrist. He's exhibiting behaviors that should not come out of a grown adult.

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