Smoking A Juul Isn't Lame When It Helps You Quit Cigarettes

Picture this scenario: you've been a smoker for nearly 10 years. You're constantly insulted by total strangers while standing outside on a public sidewalk, you have to deal with the immense guilt from your family members who tell you they just want you to live (like okay, chill mom) and odds are, your car smells pretty gross too.

You want to quit, but you're addicted to the nicotine and the unparalleled stress relief that comes from a post-work smoke. You want to quit but that coffee and cigarette in the morning is heavenly and don't even talk about abandoning the ritual after sex cigarette because well, that's just rude. You want to quit but all of your friends smoke and you're going to the bar tonight and you know shots make you want to smoke. You want to quit but you just keep smoking.

How can you amend your self-destructive ways? Enter Juul.

Skepticism creeps in but you give it a shot, only to discover is the best alternative to the incredibly expensive, stinky and life-shortening choice that is smoking cigarettes.

So now you're glad because you still get all the good feels with less of the bad stuff, your mom is happy because you never smell or cough like a maniac, your husband and kids are thrilled that you won't die on them at 60 and all of those strangers have nothing to say.

Except...the strangers still have something to say; they say you're an asshole for owning a Juul.

Honestly, how can we win?

I had a total stranger recently tell me upon seeing me pull out my Juul to grab the keys to my Subaru (the fact I have a Subaru is a coincidence, as he was just implying everyone who vapes drives a WrX) and drive it off a cliff.

Well, that escalated quickly. Is the Juul really so terrible or is it that there will always be someone with something nasty to say?

Sure, blowing giant vape clouds that taste like cotton candy from a rig that hardly fits in your front pocket is kind of lame, but that's not what the Juul is and you know it. Anyone who really shames you for smoking the Juul is probably the same guy who has "No Fat Chicks" and "Office Lovers Only" in his Tinder bio, and you weren't swiping right on that guy anyway.

If you're a Juul owner who kicked a nasty and deadly habit, be proud! Don't let losers who don't understand that you're making a healthier decision dictate how you feel about yourself.

And that goes for the smokers who shame you too! They are in just as much denial as you used to be and unfortunately not every person who criticizes you is meant for you to save or convince. Let them shorten their life-span and overpay for tobacco, it's really not your problem.

So now if Juul would like to give me a year of free pods for the positive promotion, that would be great...

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