Unless you've been living under a rock or hate the Jonas Brothers (and I just can't believe anyone does), you know the new album came out. And there's no way you haven't listened to it all the way through. If you have, then I'm sure you had these 21 thoughts while listening, just like I did.


The last album was released so long ago that listening to a new one is so surreal.

2. It's been so long since they've released music together

I wonder what kind of vibe their music has now.

3. I know I'll love all of it

Because I love them.

4. Am I gonna like this better than their old music?

Because their old music is fire.

5. God bless the boys for releasing "Sucker" and "Cool" early for us

Seriously so thankful.

6. Why is "Only Human" so catchy?

Catch me jamming to it.

7. I'm liking the album's vibe

Still over here jamming.

8. Is this just an ode to their wives?

Because I'm here for it.

9. "Used To Be" is honestly so relatable

The boys are just basically talking about my boy problems the whole song.

10. These songs are like *chill* and I'm feeling it

Makes me just wanna lay back and enjoy the music.

11. "Don't Throw It Away" is just so upbeat and catchy

Listening to this song makes me feel like I can take on the world.

12. "Love Her" has to be about their wives

And it's such a cute love song.

13. "Happy When I'm Sad" IS JUST ANOTHER BOP

Kind of gives me vibes to some old Jo Bros.

14. The high pitched singing in "Trust"

Get it, boys, get it!

15. Adding "Strangers" to the list of bops

Because it's another upbeat bop.

16. I'm so thankful for this reunion and album

I didn't know I needed this until I got it.

17. I can't wait to hear these songs live in concert

And this will probably literally be me.

18. "Rollercoaster" must be about their breakup/reunion and I LOVE IT

Such a good one.

19. The high notes in all of the songs are just...


20. I literally love it

All of it.

21. I'll be playing this on repeat for a while

And I'm not even kidding.