'JEFFERY' by Young Thug
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'JEFFERY' by Young Thug

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'JEFFERY' by Young Thug
Garfield Larmond

Recently the ever increasingly popular artist Young Thug released his 16th mixtape 'JEFFERY.' While Young Thug (Aka Jeffery Williams) has released an astonishing three mixtape in 2016 alone, each one has felt entirely different of the others. 'I'm Up' being one of my personal favorites features a lot of semi-conventional trap style beats and wording. 'Slime Season 3' being his most successful to date earning him the top spot on the Top Rap Albums, a Billboard top 100 chart of the most influential and popular rap music at the time. Still 'JEFFERY' seems very promising for the rapper. With its combination of traditional trap style beats, intense mumble lyrics, and Young Thug's ever unique vocal style and persona 'JEFFERY' stands the test to prove whether Young Thug can capitalize on the success of his earlier mixtape, 'Slime Season 3.'

Before I can dissect the good and bad of 'JEFFERY' I feel a slight explanation is warranted.

Mumble Rap, while very different from traditional hip-hop, is a valid form of rap in today's music market. There is a steadily increasing number of rappers who have performed this genre of rap including Lil Uzi Vert, Fetty Wap, Gucci Mane, and Future. All of which have seen varying results as far as their ability to draw in fans and make the artists money to support their often high-profile lifestyles.

Young Thug is no stranger to the rap game. With the release of his first mixtape, 'I Came From Nothing', being all the way back in 2011, it is easy to say that Young Thug has so far had a decent run. Yet it is even clearer that Young Thug's run in the game has barely begun. 'JEFFERY' is Young Thugs most professional sounding mixtape yet. It features the support of various big name features such as Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Wyclef Jean, and others. It also sports the weight of executive production from TM88 and Wheezy. 'JEFFERY' also delivers in creative track naming with tracks titled 'Wyclef Jean' which interestingly enough does not feature the artist it is named after, 'Kanye West' which does feature Wyclef Jean but no Kanye, and 'Harambe' which was titled after the gorilla that was shot in the Cincinnati Zoo this past year.

'JEFFERY' is a great album in my opinion. It features a lot of common and not so common rap elements. For example, the use of vulgar language and imagery that Young Thug is known for is still present but he alludes to various things that might seem out of place in rap such as Nascar, Smokey the Bear, and Godzilla to name a few. Of course, there are plenty of lyrics about women and money which is what we as an audience have come to expect from Young Thug and his mumble rap.

I'm giving 'JEFFERY' a thumbs up. This album is great for personal and in-depth listening which isn't always the case with Mumble Rap, and I suspect that Young Thug still has a lot in store for the mixtapes and hopeful studio albums to come.

Listen to 'JEFFERY' by Young Thug on Soundcloud. Warning, explicit content.


1. Wyclef Jean
2. Floyd Mayweather ft. Travis Scott, Gucci Mane & Gunna
3. Swizz Beatz
4. Future Swag
5. RiRi
6. Guwop ft. Quavo, Offset & Young Scooter
7. Harambe
8. Webbie ft. Duke
9. Kanye West ft. Wyclef Jean
10. Pick Up the Phone ft. Travis Scott & Quavo (Bonus)

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