Beauty guru James Charles met his professional demise when YouTuber Tati Westbrook uploaded a 45-minute video titled "BYE SISTER…" exposing Charles of his predatory and unprofessional behavior she has seen.

Before Westbrook uploaded her video, the always-controversial Charles was juggling several scandals at once. One where he caught fire after naming himself the "catalyst of influencer representation in the media" due to being one of three influencers to attend the Met Gala, and two where Charles coerced a model, Gage, into sexual activities after accepting his invitation to Coachella.

Even before these three scandals, Charles has been no stranger to controversy.

With Westbrook's career-ending video hitting it's one week anniversary, multiple men who sexually identify as straight have come forward stating Charles at some point has tirelessly sexually harassed them -- whether that be in-person or via direct message.

This includes the model Charles met with at Coachella, Gage, a Seattle server who met Charles at Westbrook's birthday dinner, model and influencer Jay Alvarez, Jeffree Star, Sebastian Javier, and the Dolan Twins.

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As any predatory behavior should, Charles was immediately put on blast by Westbrook who stated that Charles used his fame, money, and power in an attempt to coerce straight men into sexual favors -- which is a common predatory scheme used by powerful men and women.

Now let's get into some things.

James Charles is a predator. James Charles BY HIMSELF is a predator.

James Charles does not in any way, shape or form reflect that the LGBT community supports his predatory behavior, because the LGBT community doesn't.

Charles' paraphilia towards straight men reflects nothing but himself and his own internalized homophobia. Charles' image should not serve as a representation of what the LGBT community supports, believes in and follows.

Straight men and women -- don't think that because of this scandal that gay men are a threat to you and your relationships. It is not common for gay men to prey on straight men, unless they are James Charles.

On that note, a big reason why this situation is getting the amount of attention it is is due to straight men being the victim of a gay man's crimes.

Straight men are victimized once by a gay man and react as if straight men haven't systematically, physically, emotionally and mentally oppressed gay men for centuries.

Not to mention how common it is that straight men sometimes are the ones that coerce gay men into sexual activity, not only to satisfy their curiosity but to feed into their own paraphilias.

Charles behavior should not be dismissed, and the people Charles victimized have the right to feel victimized, but it should also be taken into consideration how much harm straight men have caused gay men throughout the centuries and to this day.

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However, this incident should not be used as an excuse to treat LGBT differently or continue to assume that they prey on straight men, that is a James Charles thing, NOT an LGBT thing.

Gay men do not want your straight boyfriend, so don't believe that or become suspicious or hateful because of the way James Charles has acted.