In Response To Trump Changing What Welfare Is In America
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In Response To Trump Changing What Welfare Is In America

I'm a broke college kid and I do just fine.

In Response To Trump Changing What Welfare Is In America

Before I start this article, I will state that I'm a bisexual female who isn't a feminist and didn't vote for, nor liked, either candidate. However, I did attempt to jump on the Trump train, but it came to a halt considering his current political decisions.

However, I am pretty astonished that that he did something right about a situation that needed to be addressed.

"The budget that the president has proposed for the coming fiscal year would expand a work requirement for “able-bodied” adults receiving help from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as food stamps, slicing $192 billion over 10 years. He would also trim $70 billion from Social Security’s disability program by tightening access."

With this proposed idea, I felt grateful because there are a lot of people who choose to be lazy, while others, like myself, work hard to afford a decent living. Why should people who can work be allowed to get free benefits and they only have to stay at home to receive it?

Yes, there are some people who deserve disability and food stamps, but it is the people who are able-bodied who can work, but choose not to, that are ruining the true purpose of welfare, "financial support given to people in need."

In 2013, 48 million people received food stamps. The reason for the exploitation of people receiving benefits is upsetting because people who actually need the benefits will lose a good chunk of their benefits or won't receive any at all.

People who physically or mentally cannot work have more difficulty getting onto welfare than people who can actually work and choose not to. This is a huge problem. Hopefully with this proposed plan, those people can receive the welfare they deserve, and more people can choose to stop being so lazy.

All in all, I personally hope this goes through. I worked in a fast food place for almost 2 years and I've seen people who are able-bodied complain more about their "poverty" life as they pull stacks of money out to pay for their food. Yet, a disabled person is counting change wondering if they can afford a burger.

I worked in a retail store and have seen welfare families (all are able to work) spend an easy $100 on chips, candy and soda, while another family has to carefully plan what they can live off of.

I worked at a gas station where I've seen a welfare family buy 12 cans of monsters and 5 milkshakes, yet a mother and her down syndrome son question if they can afford a Reese's for her son because he did well that day.

I've seen welfare parents buy so much junk food for themselves, while their kid is getting yelled at because they want Goldfish.

I'm a college student who works for her tuition and meals. I am like many other college students who struggle to become successful, as well as when can we eat next and what will it be. Or, if the pricey meals on campus are worth our meal plan that day.

This all needs to change, and actually be used for its intended purpose.

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