If You're Feeling Helpless About What's Going on in The World Right Now, Here's Some Ways You Can Help
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Politics and Activism

If You're Feeling Helpless About What's Going on in The World Right Now, Here's Some Ways You Can Help

There's no action too trivial and no voice too small.

If You're Feeling Helpless About What's Going on in The World Right Now, Here's Some Ways You Can Help

With everything going on in the world right now, it's easy to give in to feelings of guilt and despair. You may feel like no matter what you do, it's not enough to make any significant impact or positive change. But there is strength in numbers and in unity, and there has been no absence of either in the world these past few months with any of the causes I have mentioned below.

Black Lives Matter

This website has just about everything you need regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. The link contains resources you can use to educate yourself about the movement and black history in the United States. There are links to more than 50 petitions regarding a demand for justice for innocent lives lost by police brutality along with an urge for change of the law. If you are unable to directly donate your money to any organizations, there are many links for you to donate that does not involve giving any money. This can be done through watching videos and playing games:


The Yemen Crisis

To say Yemen is currently experiencing difficult times is an understatement. Right now the country is in serious trouble. According to Unicef, over 80% of its population in need of humanitarian assistance.In other words, 80% of Yemen's population does not have access to food or clean drinking water. With the Coronavirus recently invading, the country is experiencing even more suffering, resulting in an inability for the government to efficiently care for its people. The links below have petitions you can sign that help put pressure on the U.S. and U.K. governments to lend support to Yemen along nonprofits to donate to and links to educate yourself on the problem:



Ice Detention Camps

Immigrants are being detained in camps all around the along the United States. In these camps, they are experiencing maltreatment such as not getting the proper medical attention, not receiving a balanced diet, and even unreported instances of sexual assault to women and children by ICE workers. The link below contains information about the history of immigration in the U.S., petitions to raise awareness, and places to donate to stop ill-treatment of immigrants seeking a better life:


Here is an article containing any questions you may have about immigrant detention camps:


Muslim Camps in China

In China right now, there are over 1 million Uyghurs (a Muslim minority group) being detained in camps to be, what the Chinese government calls "ideologically transformed", but, in reality, is a process of brainwashing the Uyghurs from their culture. In these camps, Uyghurs are brought beyond their will and are forced to comply to the officers and conform to Chinese culture. If there is no compliance, they are punished severely. Below is a link with articles and videos to learn more along with petitions and places to donate to spark action:


And here is an article not included in the link above that focuses on the role of the Chinese government in this situation:


Another article by the Washington Post on specifically what occurs in these camps:



This article takes you to the U.K. Unicef website where you can donate to Unicef so they can aid the millions of children suffering from Covid-19 in poverty stricken countries:


Here is another website where you can donate. The World Health Organization vows to use their profits to help countries that need supplies aid their people in the pandemic and educate health professionals in handling Coronavirus protocol:


This article discusses the basic information regarding mask wearing by the Center of Disease Control (CDC):


Still confused about the benefits to wearing masks? This website answers specific questions or concerns anyone may have:


Making Direct Change

Contacting Senators and Representatives is the most direct way to create change in the U.S.. Draft an email or phone script and use your voice to contact as many Congressmen as you can. If they are bombarded with emails demanding change, a solution, and solid reasoning as to why they should consider making a difference in the government, such change will be inevitable.

Here is a link to the contact information for all of the U.S. Senators:


And this link will take you to the contact information for all of the U.S. Representatives:


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