If The Characters From 'Grey's Anatomy' Were In Sororities
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If The Characters From 'Grey's Anatomy' Were In Sororities

"It's a beautiful day to save lives!"

If The Characters From 'Grey's Anatomy' Were In Sororities

1. Meredith Grey - Pi Beta Phi

Because of her strong will and strive, Merideth Grey would be a Pi Beta Phi she values her friendships and is always striving for personal and intellectual growth. She is always struggling with the feeling she isn't extraordinary. She's more than that, though. "She is the sun."

2. Christina Yang - Delta Delta Delta

Yang is always trying to improve and be the best, this is why she would be a Tri Delta. Yang also does value the friendships she makes yet she is very hardcore, she loves to innovate her self and never misses a great opportunity.

3. Addison Forbes Montgomery - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Addison Montgomery is always at the top of her game, with being a double board certified surgeon and the “Meryl Streep of maternal medicine" she is never the less ambitious, she is more than an advocate of intellectual growth and dedication. Self-growth is Addison's forte, from moving to Seattle to New York and settling in LA to find her elf and grow as a woman Addison is totally a Kappa Kappa Gamma.

4. Callie Torres - Zeta Tau Alpha

Callie Torres is strong willed and extremely independent and doesn't rely on anyone. Callie Torres would be a Zeta Tau Alpha, because Callie loves to serve others with her amazing abilities to reconstruct bones and always talking openly about things that aren't the norm. Being true to herself is what she preaches.

5. Izzie Stevens - Chi Omega

Izzie Stevens is a one of a kind. She is kind hearted and always striving for personal integrity. Izzie would be a Chi Omega. Izzie loves to serve people, donating 8 million dollars and she even goes out of her way to help a little boy save a deer. She is the epitome of kind and excellent.

5. Lexie Grey - Kappa Alpha Theta

Lexie Grey has it all. Brains, beauty, and compassion. Lexie is always coming up with new ideas and trying to use her knowledge to the best of her abilities. Lexi loves to lead, has ambition and always tries to do her best. With that said, Lexie Grey would make a wonderful Kappa Alpha Theta.

7. Miranda Bailey- Alpha Delta Pi

Miranda Bailey is strong, hard, and courageous. Bailey will stop at nothing to help a person in need. She is loving, yet stern, and always watches out for her people. Miranda Bailey falls nothing short of responsible and respectable. Miranda Bailey would be an excellent Alpha Delta Pi.

8. Jo Wilson - Alpha Chi Omega

Jo Wilson is the epitome of a real, strong woman. Jo Wilson is a badass intern with a full heart. She is compassionate and tough, a good friend, a caring doctor, and wants everyone to have a chance. She is always willing to learn more, that is why Jo would be an Alpha Chi Omega.

9. Arizona Robbins - Delta Gamma

Arizona Robbins is a warm, gentle soul. She's someone who strongly believes in what she does, and is always positive. Arizona Robbins is a poster child for “do good." With her incredible pediatric skills and a heart made of gold, Arizona Robbins would be a Delta Gamma.

10. April Kepner - Kappa Delta

April Kepner is a hard working, kind hearted and personable woman. Kepner always works hard at what she does and wants to create opportunities. She never gives up on herself and or others. She values friendship, hard work, and that is why April Kepner would be a Kappa Delta.

11. Teddy Altman - Alpha Phi

Teddy Altman is dedicated and heroic. She is one to hold true to her word, values the friendships of many and loyalty is one of her best traits. And what better way to support heart health than to be a cardiothoracic surgeon? Teddy Altman would be an Alpha Phi.

Now that we all know who these fine ladies would be if they were to pledge a sorority, let's get back to fantasizing over McDreamy. "It's a beautiful day to save lives!"

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