The Hypocrisy With Republicans And Democrats

The Hypocrisy With Republicans And Democrats

When will both sides admit they’re wrong?

The Republican and Democratic Parties have been battling for over a century over ideology, policy and power within The United States. Both of the major political parties like to poke holes within each other's proposals and bicker over who is right. But what happens when the positions on both sides are contradictory? Each side will bash the other side’s agenda while accidentally pointing out the flaws in their own.

The Gun Control-Marijuana Legalization Contradiction

Since the War on Drugs has begun, Republicans have called for more restrictions on drugs and harsher penalties for the people that use them. Liberals have branded the War on Drugs, especially marijuana, as a joke in recent years and have called for the end of the four-decade-old war. Democrats believe that whether the drug is legal or not, people will continue to use and sell the substance. They claim that laws don’t dictate human behavior and that it’s impossible to legislate drugs out of our society. Where is that logic when it comes to guns? Every time there is a mass shooting, Democrats call for more gun control and say guns are the source of the problem. However, they fail to realize that the more they ban guns, the more they ramp up the black market for them. Regardless of the law, like drugs, people will obtain what they want one way or another. While conservatives shout, “Gun laws don’t work,” liberals are shouting the same thing about marijuana and/or drugs, which leaves voters scratching their heads. Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in America, accommodated by high gun violence rates. While their liberal-supported gun laws aren’t working, the conservative's drug war has led to nothing but the world’s highest incarceration rate and over a trillion dollars down the drain.

The MLK-JFK Contradiction

Republicans often champion civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., as one of their own and tout his accomplishments. While King was a registered Republican, Democrats will often point out that the parties ideology has changed throughout time. This implies that by modern day standards, MLK would be a part of the Democratic Party. King advocated for equality and peace, which is mostly associated with modern day Democrats. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that liberals have taken credit for some famous people that wouldn’t follow their modern day ideology. John F. Kennedy called for lowering taxes in many cases and told Americans, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Kennedy wanted citizens to rely less on the government while supporting free trade. Grover Cleveland, who has been ranked very effective by historians, was a Democrat in the 1800s, but also supported free trade, was against government regulation, and reduced the size of the federal government. Each political party has the technicality to “claim” these people, but both parties also follow a completely different philosophy and ideology than they did in the past.

The two parties that rule America find too many contradictions within themselves. Republicans claim they advocate for a smaller government but want to tell you what you can and can’t do when it comes to sex, marriage, abortion and language. Democrats tell us they are pro-choice, but that label doesn’t apply when it comes to unions, guns, large sodas and other drugs. It’s important to understand that these parties and politicians will say anything to obtain power. Which liberties are you willing to give up?

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To The Boy Who Destroyed Me

With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies?

To the boy who destroyed me, I hate you but maybe I should be thanking you. You put me through hell and never thought twice about your actions but maybe it was best for me that you did that. I wish I had never met you but if I never have, then I wouldn't have learned an important lesson in my life.

When I met you, you were a dream come true. I thought you were great but after awhile, you dropped your good boy charm and you turned up the heat. You became cruel and unforgiving like the ocean during a storm. I was lost, confused, and hurt. How could you go from being so amazing to so awful so quickly?

I never knew someone could be so vile but you surely proved me wrong. Often times I wish I would've given you a taste of your own medicine and get you back for everything you put me through, but what kind of person would that make me? The same terrible and revolting person as you were. I've learned that no matter how could of a person you are, you will still get treated like shit. That's exactly what you did. You controlled me and lured me in with your pretty boy charm. I was under your spell for what felt like forever.

I tried and tried to fix things - to work them out. That never worked and it never would. What once was a peaceful, happy relationship, soon turned into a verbal abusing one where I was called every name you could think of. You believed everyone else over me when I told you the truth and nothing but the truth. Everyone else was right, and I was always wrong.

What was once sweet bliss was transformed into an appalling nightmare.

You called me every name you could think of and ridiculed me for untrue things you had heard from jealous people. You talked and flirted with other girls while we were together and thought I'd never find out. You hurt me and you didn't even care in the slightest.

People like you have to pretend that I'm the bad person that way you won't feel guilty for all the shitty things you did to me. I should've stuck up for my own self when you were being so awful to me, but I didn't. Now? I've learned my lesson and I don't feel bad for defending my own feelings against those people who don't care about mine at all, they only care about their own. I wasn't the one in the wrong. It was you.

So, while you put me through absolute hell, called me every awful name in the book, blame me for you leaving me, as well as many other things, I'm not who is in the wrong, it's you. I should hate you and despise you for ruining my life with someone who was close to me but how could I? You did me a favor by showing me you aren't worth it. You showed me who my true friends were, and it wasn't any of you. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

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To The People Who Think Immigrants Don't Belong In The United States

And don't you dare say that they are "illegals."

Coming from a family of immigrants, the concept of “illegal” immigration was always on the back of my mind.

Even as a kid, I remember constantly holding my breath whenever the police were around- even if I have done nothing wrong, whenever the news came on to discuss a forming immigration reform and whenever someone used the terms “illegals”, “aliens” or some form of derogatory term towards immigrants. And as I grew up from being a child to a young adult, my anxiety over the mention of immigration reform has not changed.

There is no way to describe the feeling that any day, by some mere accident, your parents could easily be deported the next day- leaving the life that they had created for 19 years, leaving their children merely due to the fact that the made a choice to immigrate to the United States for a better life.

There is no way to describe the feeling of when people associate immigrants to rapists, murderers and drug dealers.

There is no way to describe the feeling of shame, anger, and anxiousness whenever someone questions your parents lack of knowledge towards American culture and the English language.

And there is no way to describe the feeling whenever anyone regards immigrants as having a lower status and undeserving of basic human rights.

To those people that believe that immigrants are undeserving of living in the U.S., take a moment to realize that you are not the victim in this whole debacle. Take a moment to stop thinking of yourself, as citizens of the United States, as deserving of some form of land and some form of special status, especially since all the individuals in the U.S., citizens or not, have come from immigrants. Immigrants. Individuals that you have tried so hard to make them seem lower than a human being.

Honestly, it is disgusting how much discussions and reforms are going around in the United States to remove the 11.1 million illegal immigrants- living as law abiding individuals in the U.S., paying taxes, owning a home and supporting a family- to restrict these individuals of their rights when the current government is doing nothing in terms of gun control; in terms of finding a solution to decrease the amount of shooting sand violence in the U.S. In only one way is it acceptable to talk of immigration reform: to give citizenship to these immigrants, to remove the fear that these individuals and families have of being deported.

And to the people who are not necessarily “anti-immigration” but are not protesting over the injustice of those individuals and their families affected by this phenomenon, you are no better than those individuals who overtly support anti-immigration reform.

You are letting these people think that immigrants are undeserving in their stay in the United States. In no way are immigrants “illegal”, nor are they “aliens”. They are human beings, deserving of basic human rights and undeserving of the discrimination and hate they have faced while living in the States.

Cover Image Credit: Alice Donovan Rouse

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