How to patent an idea so it will not be stolen

How to patent an idea so it will not be stolen

A great idea has come to your head and you think you can get the most out of it. However, do you think you should share it?


When you are going to create a company with an innovative idea or product, the best thing to avoid plagiarism and that others take ownership of that idea and, therefore, obtain the relevant benefits, we advise you to protect it. Discover how to patent an idea or product and stop worrying about possible thefts.

Do you have an idea, an invention, a creation of those that can change the world and worry about how to protect it legally? Our experience leads us to define in this post several points to follow to know how to protect our creations and answer the question:

How can I protect my idea? How can I patent my idea? What steps should I follow to patent my idea? How to patent an idea so it will not be stolen? We will see how to protect our products in three simple steps:


The first to be clear about the purpose of his invention, of his creation.

Keep the secret: The second is not to disclose. I mean, do not make it known

Advice: The third is to go to a specialized lawyer who can help you

1- Document the idea to patent

The first step is to be clear about the object of your invention. That is, we will have to answer a few questions to see if what we want to protect is possible. For example, we will have to answer the following questions:

  • What are you going to protect?
  • What it intends to bring as new with respect to what already exists.
  • What already exists in the market?
  • What you contribute as a differentiator with respect to what already exists?
  • What characteristics make up your invention?
  • What drawings of your design, invention or object you have available and necessary to attach to the invention request?
  • What description or summary of the product has been made?

In short, they are a series of necessary documents where it is clearly defined what you contribute as new and therefore it is patentable. This fundamental point because in that way it will be faithfully reflected what it is that you are protecting. It is fundamental that whoever is going to examine the object of his invention has clear what it is that you are protecting as new.

2 - Keep the secret of your invention

Once we have clear what is the object of his invention, it is important not to disclose it. That is, it is not known by third parties. This way we will prevent anyone from anticipating you and proceed to register. Either a design, either patent in the case of the invention in front of you.

It is good to remember that legal system who registers first is the one who acquires the property. It is very tempting to share with friends or family the object of your invention. What you are bringing as new probably because it really is attractive. This point is really important because from our experience we have seen many conflicts arising precisely from the lack of secrecy before submitting the corresponding patent application, design, copyright, before the registration of intellectual property.

3 - Advice

See a specialized lawyer. At that point, it is also essential because what is needed from that specialized lawyer is that he has proven knowledge and experience. We do not want that to be written by anyone. It is very easy to go to your usual advisor, a family member, although we do not recommend it in any case because precisely because of this lack of expertise in the matter can cause us important problems a posteriori because your invention is not properly protected.

Remember that we are protecting your intangible asset, your invention, your great idea, so it is essential that you take into account the three steps mentioned.

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