How To ~Actually~ Survive Midterms

How To ~Actually~ Survive Midterms

Real advice from real college students

It is that time of year again - the leaves are just beginning to fall, pumpkins are starting to dot the doorsteps of suburbia, and Christmas decorations are already adorning Macy's storefront windows. Halloween is just around the corner...aaaaaand so are midterms.

For many, midterms can be one of the most stressful times of the semester, with finals being the only other time where students spend countless hours hunched over a desk in the library until 2 am. It is very much possible, however, to make it through midterms without losing your sanity - just take it directly from a fellow college students.

Here are 7 responses from REAL college students when asked how they manage midterms week.

"Practice good time management skills! Don't leave everything until the last minute - cramming for an exam is almost worse than not studying at all."

"SLEEP! You won't be able to retain anything or function at your best without it."

"Take breaks. It's not healthy to spend 12 hours a day studying."

"Quizlet will become your best friend. Use it to your full advantage."

"Eat 3 meals a day. Keep your mind fueled with healthy foods!"

"Study with friends, or even people in your class - it is always helpful to bounce answers/ideas off each other, and the added company is nice, too!"

"Listen to good music - keep yourself pumped up & awake (lol)"

"Go to office hours, especially if you are stressed - the professors are on your side!"

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