How locksmith saved my one and only love
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How locksmith saved my one and only love

It was our first Christmas Eve in a new place when it happened

How locksmith saved my one and only love

This story happened to me when I was a young and hungry student. At that time, I still did not have the money to rent an entire apartment myself, and I did not even dream of owning my own house yet. So all I could afford at that time was a basement, my best friend lived on the second floor, and there were two of us in the entire house. We had a lot of happy moments living together, that's why we start to call it our castle. From the very beginning of our friendship, we pranked each other. It was kind of a ritual for us. I cannot remember who first started this, but turning off the light was the most graceful of our jokes. We were young and enjoyed our first real estate away from our parents. The only problem was with my basement door; it could be locked from inside. That's why Ronny's door was always open when he was at home.

It was our first Christmas Eve in a new place when it happened. One cold winter evening, I decided to invite my girlfriend Jessica home for a romantic dinner. And I was ready to work hard to impress her. I went out, bought all the ingredients for "Bolognese," got to my place and made a delicious pasta. I've never cooked anything harder than boiled eggs before, and I was really proud of myself for my culinary achievement.

I asked Ronni to go to the hockey game because I wanted to enjoy a romantic date with Jessica.

As soon as dinner was ready, I went to shower just to refresh myself. I was already soaped with shower gel when suddenly the light turned off in the bathroom.

-Ronny, is that you?

I was sure that it was him. I attempted to turn on the lights, yet I had no response.

-Ronny, are you joking with me? Not now, please.

In the dark, I groped for a towel and my phone at the same time. With a single tap of my fingertips, I opened the door and left my basement.

I didn't realize yet that the power to the entire house went out. All I heard was that the door slammed shut. A couple of seconds later, I received a message from Jessica that she was already on her way, but she will be late since there are traffic jams on the road.

Just imagine the situation, I'm standing on the landing between the basement and the first floor, covered in foam, and with trembling hands holding a phone with a flashlight in the direction of my best friend's door. I tried to pull the door handle and finally realized that he was not at home. I gave him a call few times and understood that my friend really was on hockey. That's why he didn't answer my calls.

In a few seconds, I found a website where was a chat. I wrote a message and briefly explained the horror of the situation in which I found myself. The guy in the chat immediately answered me; he told me to calm down and ask where I was. I gave him my home address and said that any minute now, my girlfriend would be here. The locksmith messaged me immediately and said that he would be at my doorstep in ten minutes.

The guy came just when I was about to sit down on the cold floor. He was a tall man, clean-cut and with a kind smile on his face. I told him what happened and start to light the keyhole.

The door opened as soon as he touched it. He smiled again and said he was so happy for saving my date night.

And then, I asked him how much he charged for such an emergency call. Surprisingly, the guy charged me a very affordable price. And when I asked him why he did such a nice discount, the locksmith told me that he wants me to do all my best to impress her and let her know that is special. Also, the Whitby locksmith wanted to make sure that I would not be afraid of having dinner with my girlfriend in the future.

I thanked him, gave him a handshake, and even hugged him. Without his help, I wouldn't have had someone to share this special evening with.

Now we are living together with Jessica, she is my wife, and we have two children. Every time I grab my key, I remember the help from the locksmith, and it gives me courage.

I will always be grateful to this man because he saved my one and only love.

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