How locksmith saved my life
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How locksmith saved my life

The lock mechanism was not enough to push the door and to open it again

How locksmith saved my life

The sun was uncomfortably hot, and we were on vacation with my mom. I was 6, and it was my first vacation experience only with my, without my older sister. My mom and I were sitting on the balcony talking when she asked me to close the door just a bit because the air conditioner in the room worked on the maximum. It was the hottest day in 10 years, so we didn't plan to stay on the balcony longer than few minutes. I closed the door, but as soon as I did it, I noticed something was wrong. The lock mechanism was not enough to push the door and to open it again. We were stuck on the balcony, without phones, without any water on the hottest day.

"Mom, we are locked on the balcony," I said.

"What do you mean?" she asked, surprised.

"I tried to push the door out, but something is blocking its way," I said, scared of what would come next.

My mom looked at me and then at the door and then at me again. "So we are locked on the balcony," she repeated in a calmer tone of voice to see if it was true or not.

I remember how I yelled because I knew that something terrible would happen to me, and I was sure it was my fault.

We lived on a 15 floor, there were many cars downstairs, and the noise was uncontrollable.

When I grew up, I realized that my mom didn't want to scare me and showed up that everything was fine.

"Ok, let me try," she said, trying to hold her voice steady. She was looking for a solution and did not panic because she was an adult and strong.

We were locked on a 15 floor, I was 6, and it was unbelievably hot outside. We had no mobile phones with us on the balcony, no water, and we could find any red button on the balcony.

As soon as I start to panic and scream, my mom realized that the situation is critical.

"Don't panic. We will find a solution," my mom said.

I was scared because the sun was burning and we were thirsty. The situation looked horrible to me.

My mom told me to shout "HELP" as loud as I could together with her.

We started to shout loud out of the balcony and call someone for help.

For me, it was forever, but it took just 15 minutes until someone hears our screams.

Someone called the hotel security, who called a locksmith, and in another 10 minutes, we were free. I felt a fresh breeze of air from an AC. I looked at the sun on the balcony and realized that it would be possible to get a sunburn if we had stayed even a little bit longer there. We have waited for a King City locksmith as children are waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. We were so happy to see him, this guy was very kind, he didn't ask any questions or looked at us with suspicion because we were shocked and scared. He told us that he also has a small daughter and was really impressed by my mom's strongness.

My mom hugged me and thanked that guy; she said that he saved our lives. My mom was very grateful for his kindness and speed. The locksmith told us that the situation could be critical for the child, and we were lucky that someone called security. The door problem was solved, and we finished our vacation without any issues.

I remember how my mom warned me not to touch a door while I am on the balcony. Unfortunately, she is still doing that.

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