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Monthly Holidays That Need More Recognition

September Version!


These ten holidays in September have flown under the radar for too long. From food to fighting for a cause, each day is awesome, and deserves some love and appreciation! Surprisingly, I didn't know about any of these days until I started researching them! However, I'm definitely going to be celebrating these moving on. After all, who doesn't want to find a reason to celebrate?!

1. International Bacon Day: Celebrated the first Saturday of the month

Bacon Bouquet

First up we have international Bacon Day! This really doesn't need much explaining. The delicious crunchy snack may not be the healthiest, but a day devoted to it is almost necessary. While it's not technically an official holiday, it still made the list because bacon is just that good.

2. Bring your manners to work day: First Friday of the month

Hunger Games Effy

This holiday is really important, and kind of an unnecessary reminder. This made the list because manners are important. Being polite to people, even when they're not polite to you, is basic stuff we learn at a very early age. Even if you're having a bad day, imagine yourself in the other person's shoes. Maybe they're having a bad day too. Maybe they've got problems in their home. Besides that, we should all be nice to people anyway! An entire day to remind us is a good start.

3. Care Bears National Share Your Care Day: 9

Care Bears intro

Share your Care Day is a wonderful holiday, and I really love the values behind the movement. Everyone needs a little love and care, so when we devote a whole day to celebrating each other and showing others that you're there for them, everyone's lives get a little brighter. According to National Day Calendar, "the Share Your Care Day movement, hopes to inspire acts of kindness and goodwill across the United States" ( It's really important to remember to care for others, and show the love that you've got!

4. Wonderful Weirdos Day: 9

Cross-eyed child

Falling on the same day as Share Your Care Day is Wonderful Weirdos day! It kind of goes along with the former, as both are about helping people and celebrating them. Being a level-10 weirdo myself, this is a holiday that actually makes me pretty happy. Knowing that there's a day for all weirdos to unite is a pretty comforting thought, huh? The day originated in Texas, in Austin. "a day created by holiday aficionado, Tom Roy. Citizens of Austin have always found pride in their eclectic and progressive culture."

5. National Online Learning Day: 15

Girl and boy studying

I really love this holiday. This holiday is an important one to me. I currently attend Southern New Hampshire University's (SNHU) College for Online and Continuing Education, A.K.A., Online school. There is no way I would have any of the opportunities and advantages that I currently do if it weren't for SNHU. From taking a plethora of dual credit classes to writing on this website, I would be much farther behind if it weren't for SNHU. According to their webpage, "National Online Learning Day...seeks to cultivate awareness of, and support for, this ever-growing community of learners and to celebrate the future of online education—wherever technology and our imaginations take us!" ( Online learning is SO important to hundreds of thousands of students. It creates the opportunity for flexible learning for so many and furthers the education of those who may not have considered it at the stage of their lives.

6. National Cheeseburger Day: 18

Delicious cheeseburger

National Cheeseburger Day...Do I need to say more? Probably not, but I will. This holiday is the second of three on this list that celebrates food. With our culture where it is right now, I think that we need to take time to smile at the little things. Whether it's biting into a delicious, thick, juicy burger, or getting a promotion, little things that make us smile are important. That's why I love days like these.

7. International Day of Peace: 21

Blurry lights that spell 'Peace'

Is there any question as to why this is on the list? If any holiday is underrated, I think it's probably this one. Having a day of peace is so important. A day to call a truce and pause the feud. Whether it's a feud on a large scale (war), or a small scale (bully), stopping the fight for a day is important. It could help you see that person/group in a new light. Maybe you'll find out something interesting about them. On this day, you should do something nice for whoever you're fighting with. It's hard to hate someone you're baking cookies for.

8. National White Chocolate Day: 22

White chocolate truffle

America has not one, but two holidays dedicated to this sugary treat. The normal chocolate day is on October 28, while the second is on September 22. White chocolate is beneficial and good for a few different reasons, including having substantially lower amounts of caffeine than dark chocolate, and potentially aiding in the body's platelet function. White chocolate is my preference anyway, and I know that on the 22nd, I'm going to buy all my friends chocolate so we can celebrate the day together.

9. Ask a Stupid Question Day: Last day of school of the month ~28

Star Trek

I can definitely see why this holiday is on the last day of school. I can't even imagine having hundreds of students playing dumb and asking stupid questions. It would annoy me, to say the least. This holiday needs more popularity though so that EVERYONE gets the memo to ask a stupid question. I think that teachers would understand. I know that though it would annoy me, I'd still laugh once I found out why they did it. But maybe that's just my weird sense of humor.

10. International Coffee Day: 29

Cappuccino art

Coffee! International Coffee Day is a nice thing to think about. Coffee is such an important part of many people's constant routines. It gives a boost in energy that helps people get through the day. While it's not the healthiest beverage, a day for coffee is a good idea.

These poor holidays have been underappreciated for too long! They're fun, educational, and beneficial to our society and culture! Besides that, finding ways to smile is SO important. It's good for your mental health, and by extension your overall health. These underrated holidays are the perfect opportunity to do so, and are a lot of fun as well! They need more love and attention, so help them get more! Go celebrate them!

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