The Top 10 High School Musical Songs
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The Top 10 High School Musical Songs

But how do you choose just one?

The Top 10 High School Musical Songs

High School Musical. Setting unrealistic high school expectations since 2006. High School Musical will always hold a special place in my heart. And without one thing, High School Musical would not be what it is, and no it is not Troy Bolton. Okay maybe without two things it wouldn't be HSM. The most iconic factor: THE MUSIC. Some of the tunes are just so much better than others, and that is a fact. I have spent so many countless hours jamming to these songs, so shout-out everyone who joined me!

10. Stick to the Status Quo

So much was learned during this time. Like who knew Zeke baked? And what better to confess your secrets than in a song and dance number in the world's greatest cafeteria? I am still slightly bitter this never happened during lunch in high school.

9. I Don't Dance

The irony of this whole performance. This was hands down the most entertaining baseball game I have ever watched on TV. I mean Ryan just wanted to dance, and Chad just wanted to play baseball, so this was the best of both worlds.

8. The Boys Are Back

Troy and Chad were BFF goals. This was freaking intense. The car started moving, the smoke, the sword fighting. My 10-year-old got way to invested into this song, and there are somethings you never grow out of.

7. Can I Have This Dance

Romance level 5,000. Like could this have gotten any cuter? And the perfectly planned rain shower? I am convinced in a future world, Troy and Gabriella got married and had their first dance to this song.

6. Bet On It

Poor Troy. So confused and had so much built up anger. I mean if I could, I would also prance around a golf course to let go of all my frustrations. But I mean you did kind of bring this on yourself Troy? Still iconic. This song left us with an understanding of:

Italian Golf Shoes: 1. Troy Bolton: 0.

5. We're All In This Together

The song that brought East High together. No pep rally can ever compare to this one. And yes, I know the dance moves to this song. No I don't have any shame.

4. Breaking Free

The spring musical finale. What a better to end the show. The school decathlon and basketball game ended at the most perfect timing for our favorite love birds. It was the moment we waited for the whole movie honestly. It could not have been more perfect.

3. Start of Something New

Karaoke that went from 0 to 100 real fast. Once Troy took off his jacket all bets were off. This was the song that started it all. Literally the start of something new. I am still holding out to have a New Year's Eve like this.

2. Everyday

Just when Troy thought he lost Gabriella forever..BAM. Everyday was so so so adorable. The clouds. The white outfits. The surprise. Everyone joining in at the end. PERFECTION.

And finally, the top High School Musical Song...

1. Gotta Go My Own Way

My favorite song to scream at the top of my lungs. Gabriella finally had enough of Troy and there was no better way to express it than a song. She was like peace out Troy I gotta do what's best for me. And what was best for me personally was this super great song!

Disclaimer: I am no music expert, but I can almost quote all three of these movies!

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