Adopting Controversial Beliefs For Attention Doesn't Make You Cool, It Makes You Stupid

There, I said it.

Choosing to believe controversial things because you like the attention is not cool and all it does is make you look misguided, ill-informed, and gullible.

Recently on Twitter, there was a mild uproar over the "Kent State Gun Girl" claiming that she had watched a Logan Paul video and now believed the earth is flat. As I chuckled over the mere thought of someone adopting a life-changing belief based on a single video by an infamously insensitive person, I realized that maybe there is more to this phenomenon. Now I don't know about you, but I know several people who will say or do anything that will put the eyes on them. Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes subconscious, but wrong either way.

If you think it's cool to believe something controversial simply because you like the attention, that is ridiculous.

There are so many controversial opinions and conversations out there right now — from gun control to abortion to the wall, there is something out there to argue about with everyone. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but please people for the love of all things well make sure your opinion is informed.

Do your research, decide what works best for you based on what best fits your needs or beliefs.

Don't just decide you think something is right because of one video or one person's tweet.

Don't start believing the earth is flat just because your friends think it's the cool thing to believe.

Don't take on controversial beliefs or opinions just because it gives you the attention you feel like you aren't otherwise getting.

Don't say things you do not even fully accept just to start an argument with those around you. There are better ways to get attention and love than to spark fury and discontent.

In today's world, it is more important than ever before to be careful about what you read and believe. The amount of untrue information out there is insurmountable and knowing how to navigate through the heaps is a skill we all need to acquire in order to make informed and conscientious decisions about the world around us. The worst thing you could do is assimilate something you believe to be true when everyone around you knows it to be false.

So, the next time you read something on Twitter and believe it right away or hear one of your friends talk about their opinions and adopt it as your own, try doing some thinking and decide if that is the right choice for you. Opinions are just like shoes; if they don't fit you'll get blisters and I guarantee that nobody wants to hear you complain about your sore feet.

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